It is integrated with NetAgent9 platform to provide a sensible solution to manage your power needs. Improved FTP firmware upgrade function. UPS communication debug 4. Download the latest updated files from our site. No such file or directory. Saving fax to USB dongle issue. Please reinstall the software.

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megatec(8) – Linux man page

Support UBS Wifi Manual in English, Trad. Get into the system with Telnet. But if I turn on the UPS myself at I have tried some special settings with the same results.

Log issue in Serial Flash. How to reset the NetAgent II to factory defaults, if uups password on the device is not known. NetAgent Mini is designed as an ultra-compact and convenient tool to remotely monitor and manage UPS system. I installed RUPS at my client site and have problem with loading the service.


Enable the Low Battery Signal, select Negative. Forged with a more powerful CPU and kernel allows this model to do more. Unit restart after a few megayec while in 8-analog input mode.

Perform sequential or safe reboot to avoid overloading mains. Denmark socket Type K, D1 Model: Default SSL Key to bits.

Inform stack overflow bug. Yes, the UPSilon is an application software, so we have to login the system to execute the software. No such file or. In this case, the shutdown time set is too shortthat is why the PC was shut off before the safe screen displays. It can also be used directly with a PC Protocol provided.

Skipping one or more firmware versions will damage NetAgent and result in a crash. Support multi-user management, event logs and data log downloads. Modbus on TCP modifications. I would like to find out if the UpSilon supports all version of Linux. In the system HP-UX NetSwitch Master is a remote power management device.


Mega System Technologies

It can also be used directly with a PC Protocol provided. For more information about NetAgent9 product please e-mail us. NetAgent9 firmware updated with all functionalities of NetAgent7 v2. In LAN, simply type the product name http: Upgrade-able only if you have version 3.

Failure do to so may result in a system error. Download the latest WinRAR.

Send email using Exchange Server. Modbus on RS BY model only 4.