Safety Instructions Always read the safety instructions carefully. The Spread Spectrum function reduces the EMI generated by modulating the pulses so that the spikes of the pulses are reduced to flatter curves. M S M ainboard In the default setting, the first selective audio source will be played from the rear panel. On the left side, you can select the number of audio channels. Page 87 M S M ainboard In the default setting, the first selective audio source will be played from the rear panel.

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Table Of Contents Copyright Notice You can also select the default playback device from a drop-down menu.

After the software is finished micro-stwr, it will automatically start whenever W indows is initiated. Each of the Playback items has a volume, balance and mute control.

Page 86 The Headphone Configuration Panel is shown in the below figure. On the right side of Speaker Configuration Panel, you can set the volume level for each speaker separately. The password typed now will replace any previously set password from CMOS memory. W hen the Equalizer is selected, you will see the 10 bands from 31 Hz to 16 kHz. Simple Mode Once Adeck has been launched, the panel will be .20 in the center of windows desktop.


W hen the jack insertion 2. detected, Adeck will be displayed.

MSI MS-7255 User Manual

Press the four hooks down to fas- ten the cooler. Press down the load lever lightly onto the load plate, and then se- cure the lever with the hook under retention tab. Load Optimized Defaults Use this menu to micri-star the default values set by the mainboard manufacturer specifi- cally for optimal performance of the mainboard. Then rotate ,s-7255 lock- ing switch refer to the correct di- rection marked on it to lock the hooks.

Front Panel Audio Connector: The Optimized Defaults are the default values set by the mainboard manufacturer specifically for optimal performance of the mainboard. For the latest information about CPU, please visit http: To connect the ATX pin mjcro-star supply, make sure the plug of the power supply is inserted in the proper orientation and the pins are aligned. It is available only when the processor supports this function.

Follow the procedures described below to install the drivers for different operating systems.

Ratio CMOS Setting This setting controls the multiplier that is used to determine the internal clock speed of the processor relative to the external mivro-star motherboard clock speed. Also See for MS User manual – pages.


Mainboard Layout Line-Out T: Then this second audio can be played back from the Front out by different audio playback AP. In general, the multi-channel playback and recording jacks will be listed in the micro-stsr Panel” The utility is just like your PC doctor that can detect the following PC hardware status during real time operation: Click on button to determine the viewing type of left window pane.


There are up to 8 channels available. Don’t show me this message again. If you do not have the cooler, contact your dealer to purchase and install them before turning on the computer.

miceo-star You will be prompted to confirm the password. Load Fail-Safe Defaults Use this menu to load the default values set by the mainboard manufacturer. The Adeck system is initialized using the simple mode.

Primary Graphics Adapter This setting specifies which graphic card is your primary graphics adapter. CPU, make sure to install the cooler to prevent overheating.