Once you have unzipped the files, go ahead and plug in the burner. The next step is to load the file you want to program to the chip. Once everything is installed, go and download Tuner Pro located on Moates. Erase Chip – Pressing this will erase the entire contents of the chip from beginning to end. We will be selecting the correct buffer and chip addressing to ensure the chip is burned properly and can be used.

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This is up to you.

Moates BURN2 Chip Programmer

Without him I would have not figured out how to make this burner work with this software period. Von Dutch thanks for the write-up Falsh Dutch!

The next step is to load the file you want to program to the chip. Current time is 9: Open TunerPro and let it count down then hit continue.

Reading a chip To File – To read a chip to a file: You asked, we deliver! Both of these cases will be covered in this article. The New Hardware Found prompt should pop up and then go through the wizard, but when you get motaes the burrn where you can change to where the file is located, select the folder where you unzipped the usb files and let it finish installation. If you see this instead: If you are sure your chips are not fake, contact us for further assistance.


If you see this, you are DONE and the chip is programmed correctly! Programming chips with offsets comes into play in two situations:. I just want to thank Luti for all his freaking help. If the chip you are programming is of a larger capacity than the binary file you are putting on it, you need to use an offset to ensure the tune ends up in the right spot on the chip.

Flaash to control panel and open the system icon. Current time is 9: Try another chip purchased from us, xenocron. Blank Check – This will check the entire chip and return success if the chip is blank, or failure if the chip is not blank or upon error.

Flash & Burn Instructions

To File – To read a chip to a file: Read Chip – This will perform the action of reading the chip. Also make sure the interface and emulation device is selected to AutoProm, once that is selected you can go ahead and hit ok. If it succeeds, you should see this: While the correct values are often selected, you can manually enter them. Once you do have it on a COM supported, go back to the port setting tab moatea then select the Bits Per Second tab and change it from to then hit okay this is optional.


To do this manually:.

Once you have restarted the CPU, you have to double-check some stuff to make sure everything is tip top shape. Re-erase and blank check it. Select it, and it will be loaded to memory on the PC.

One cable needed and it’s included in the bundle. If your burner fails to erase several different chips, you probably have fake flah. Once you have unzipped the files, go ahead and plug in the burner. Burning a file to a chip requires that this buffer be filled with the file. You need to make sure the program you put in the chip ends up in the top end of the chip, so these settings matter.