Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. The first one being that I was unable to get any multiplier above 8. Obviously this is not the main difference between the two boards since it would not justify an entirely new product from MSI. Front Side Bus adjustments: World of Warships Enters Open Beta! Apparently there is a new bios available, which gives even more voltage settings, as well as the ability to manually set the Bank Interleave function.

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In the processor market, Intel and AMD release faster chips nearly every month, and in the video card market, NVIDIA has stuck to a 6-month product cycle to make sure they have the fastest video card.

Sure, other websites claim to be pro-overclocker. I’ve got two issues with the multiplier. With processors and video cards improving every day, it is not too surprising to see that the motherboard market has also sped up their product cycles.

Front Side Bus adjustments: This mei shows the MSI desire to improve their products. One for clearing the CMOS data and the other for choosing which language Chinese or English you want the diagnostics to be spoken in. The K7T Pro 2-A is an ideal overclocker’s motherboard for someone who don’t want to pay an arm and leg.


That’s about what you’d expect from a KT chipset powered motherboard.

Review of MSI K7T Pro 2a

Nearly everything is controlled by the BIOS. So what right do I have to complain? MSI even went so far as making the box the motherboard came in useful. And MSI is definitely to be congratulated and thanked for implementing them all. Select Page Page 1 Page 2 Page 3. Sure this is not practical since most processors cannot handle the heat, but everyone knows that changing the multiplier for AMD processors is a much better way to overclock the CPUs than by just increasing the FSB.

Previous Post Just another way of cooling: So to you people, I say run like the wind to your favorite retailer and pick the Pro2 up. With that said, I wouldn’t buy it, nor would I recommend that any of you, the overclocking minions prp the [H]ard OCP buy it. It’s all about me, baby.

Give me a ,7t. Before you begin to modify the Vcore you should lower the momentary Vcore at least about 0.

Besides the ability to adjust bus speed and multiplier, there is also voltage adjustments of up to 1. And most importantly, can they still maintain the high quality and stability as they did with the previous motherboards?

Microstar K7T Pro2 KT133 Socket-A ATX

Apparently there is a new bios available, which gives even more voltage settings, as well as the ability to manually set the K7r Interleave function. If you compare the rate companies push out new products now to that of a year ago, you will be amazed at how much faster it is now.


There is almost nothing to gripe about with the K7T Pro 2-A. That would have been useful for the next Voodoo card but since nVidia now owns 3dfx, oh well. Among them is Microstar, who seemingly never stops and is constantly releasing new products. This time it is not a whole new design, but a revision of the K7T Pro.


Why would I say such a blasphemous thing, after heaping so much praise on the Pro2? Hopefully in a later BIOS revision they’ll come to their senses and address this issue. I know this is not very much but it k7g help your processor to handle higher frequency. Caps are close to CPU socket. For starters, the the VIA North Bridge is rotated 45 degrees with respect to the edges of the motherboard.

Mei still rather have a KTA board though.