For more information, see Default Subkey. Friday, April 4, 8: If a default translation library is specified in the system information for the data source, the driver loads it. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Your feedback will help us improve the support experience. If CommonFileDir were “C: If the connection string contains the DSN keyword, the Driver Manager retrieves the driver associated with the data source from the system information.

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Arun 4 United Kingdom – English. Saturday, January 17, 9: HTH, Suprotim Agarwal http: Thanks a lot for your help. The complete error code is as follows: DM The specified ConnectionHandle had already obdc used to establish a connection with a data source, and the connection was still open. The file name of a.

SQLDriverConnect Function – SQL Server | Microsoft Docs

Note Disabling connection pooling may affect the performance of your application. Getting started with SQL Server. For a complete list of Microsoft Microsofh Service and Support telephone numbers or to create a separate service request, visit the following Microsoft Web site: The driver attempted to display its login dialog box and failed.


Merged by Jens K. WindowHandle [Input] Window handle.

SQLDriverConnect Function

MaxPD – Thanks for your reply. The communication link between the driver and the data source to which the driver was attempting to connect failed before the SQLDriverConnect function completed processing. Hi All, I ran into to problem after Micrisoft perform windows update. However, when using these oodbc in a keyword, the Driver Manager returns an error when working with file DSNs but passes the connection string to the driver for regular connection strings.

Connection failed.

Toggle navigation Network Home Informatica. HYT01 Connection timeout expired The connection timeout period expired before the data source responded to the request. Miicrosoft, April 4, 8: I have inserted the instance name and port. It constructs a connection string from the data source name returned by the dialog box and any other keywords passed to it by the application. Establish a connection using a partial connection string or no additional information; in this case, the Driver Manager and the driver can each prompt the user for connection information.

New Zealand – English.

Thank you in advance for any odc on solve this issue. Using the connection string it has constructed, the Driver Manager determines which driver to use, connects to that driver, and passes the connection string it has constructed to the driver; for more information about the interaction of the Driver Manager and the driver, see the “Comments” section in SQLConnect Function.


The UID keyword is optional; a.

The driver defines which keywords are required to connect to the data source. An invalid attribute keyword was specified in the connection string InConnectionStringbut the driver was able to connect to the data source anyway. Getting started with SQL Server https: If the user is prompted to complete the connection string, a waiting period for each login request begins when the driver starts the connection process.

Turn on more accessible mode. Steps 3 through 5 are not performed. The default directory for saving and loading a. For more information, see “Driver Guidelines,” later in this section. Use ; as separator, not.