The Welded Differential is becoming very popular in the drift scene, as it is a cheaper option to keep both rear wheels spinning under load, and keeping away those unwanted one-wheel peels. It can be annoying daily driver if you dont like having fun. That 1pc will transfer the tiny bit of play the welded has between engagements. Low speed turns it makes a lot of noise I plan on putting my vlsd back welded is only good for track use. You get used to it. If you have a good clutch and really soft tires it will be a little worse but most of the time we dont even hear it.

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It’s not bad, but def a “wtf is that noise” moment. Find More Posts by tbowzer. Find More Posts by supaslidz.

I gain amusement by all the weird looks i get when driving through parking lots with a welded diff. This is done by using the full width of the road.

If you actually enjoy drifting and want to keep with it, rebuild your car and get a 2 way.

Nissan 240SX Performance Modification/Differential

Do your research on the various R and RV differentials. But if they find out, they’ll all want their Hondas welded up. I have drove a welded for 2 years now. Looking at getting a one piece driveshaft. Low speed turns it makes a lot of noise It sucks at the track roadcourse Takes time to get use to but someone who can really drive can adapt really quick. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome.


Readers Reviews: Daily Driving a Welded Differential

Can always swap it out for a standard pumpkin should you hate dift. When a differential is welded, the axels are almost strung together and both wheels will rotate the same revolutions as each other.

I learned how to drive s at the limit with a welded diff. Car parks have moved up to Public Enemy 1 on your list.

Readers Reviews: Daily Driving a Welded Differential

I don’t go through tires too bad either. Find More Posts by slower than you. So even though the regular driving is gonna suck, just remember to hoon your missile whenever you can, make it worthwhile for yourself.

Its perfect if you aren’t a pussy. Thanks for the revival of a month old thread. Find More Posts by drifting. Originally Posted by BusBOy I went to the junk yard the other day and my buddy and I found weldee welded differential, took it out and bought it.

LSD’s are great but everytime I save for one i spend it on power or suspension. PerformanceandLuxury 3 years ago So no problems with breaking axels or wearing out the diff. Originally Posted by duballstar View Post.


Originally Posted by OperationSr20 I run a welded on my daily and well LOL yeah cus switching your pumpkin like once a month wont get old fast Several types of diff are available for delded types of driving.

If you can’t drive it in the rain you couldn’t drive anything in the rain. Im using a welded diff on my s14 and it sucks to daily drive especially when its raining the rear sways left to right on a straight road not to mention when you hit a puddle it whips to that side. Mine is still going 5 years strong now with the new owner.