Use an Ethernet cable to connect More information. These integration tests were done by using EasyCall More information. It includes procedures for: Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable. If you wish to use a telephone with the.

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The manufacturer supplies the gateways with a predefined default IP address. The example in this guide. Look for the code snippet shown below and change If you have to request a licence from your supplier, it will be supplied in the form of a.

When you want to set up Mobility Extension for user for example officceroute next a few steps.

Creating Extensions 4 5. Click on the terminal icon in the centre of the title bar at the top of your screen.

Once you are done downloading the firmware, select the Administration tab at the top of the page. You should see a page similar to officeroite one in the screenshot displayed below.

It means that you need also route to SIP proxy. In order for your call data records to be accurate you will need to synchronize the time of the OfficeRoute to that of the Officeroufe Fone server. For IP address settings, select option 1 Configuration, 1 Network and then 1 – IP address setting and other settings for the network communication. Under Privacy clear all history, including the cache.


In this section we will detail the configuration to make it work with the Emerginov platform. In our example we created DISA line When you perform the initial configuration More information. The loading process will start and should take about 5 minutes These integration tests were done by using EasyCall More information.

Have a nice day, 2N Tech Support Team. The phone is setup as a SIP telephony device.

Select the Telephony Services tab at the top of the page. You officeroutw be prompted to enter the new password twice and when done click on the save button at the bottom of the page.

Also on the network information page, check to see that the firmware version running on your OfficeRoute is the latest available from 2N.

2N OfficeRoute User Manual: Update Firmware

officedoute Going forward, you can simply add a 3rd Party Softphone and use those credentials to. If you are connecting to the OfficeRoute for the first time, or connecting after a factory reset, you can use the OfficeRoute wizard. Moreover you can configure ofdiceroute 3 SIMs to route to one service but you will not be able to manage 3 simultaneous calls on the same number.


For incoming call, you must indicate to opensips how to translate a number into a service.

2N OfficeRoute – 1 sim UMTS, 2 Sim GSM (ArtE) | eBay

Refresh the login page and the Username should now be blank. Where to Buy To purchase a product locally, please find an authorised partner. The reason for this is to maintain consistency in the format of your call data records. Many environments are different More information. If you are connecting more than one OfficeRoute offkceroute should change the other instances of ‘pass’ following the code snippet shown below.

This techno knowledge paper can help you if: The system allows automatic redirection of incoming calls from abroad to operators speaking the language of the relevant country. Use the pencil to the right of each row to change officefoute service name of the IVR menu to that associated with your new Freedom Fone voice menu s.