Is your purpose for X-ray imaging? What kind of transformer are you trying to drive? This seems all nice and good, but it doesn’t explain why some transistors work well and some don’t. It could be anything! The 1n is used to protect the 2n from reverse voltage spikes.

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The spark will also discharge a lot of EMI, so you might want to shield it or at least keep it a reasonable distance away.

Yes, almost any npn transistor will work if it rated for the voltage you use. The antiparralel inition coil setup actually seems to be more likley to blow transistors when its not loaded.

Just keep doing ckil of this till you can get the best perfomance of the device. There are also several other methods for protecting your components from the spikes.

You best bet for isolation is to use super glue, it makes strong and deep joints coio the existing plastic or epoxy. I am at a loss. May 7, 6.

2n3055 flyback driver

Also avoid aluminium as the electodes as the salt water will cause them coul oxidise on the surface and give poor conductivity.

This driver is among the simplest, with just six components it will be able of delivering high voltage with a strong enough current for various experiments. Pictures and illustrations are copyrighted and written permit is needed for commercial use.


Oh, and I found this circuit works a lot better substituting 2N for the 2N The frequency can be high enough that the current ripple is small and the frequency is likely well above what the hall sensors can see.

The output is biased AC with a waveform mile this. You can place a few capacitors of different values in parallel with the supply to smooth out any oscillations.

Control 10 amps in solenoid with Arduino and 2n | All About Circuits

Jul 17, 22, 1, It is also avalanche rated so an over voltage breakdown will not coik it as long as the current is kept below 10A. Diodes have alimited response time though so it is not always effective. The output voltage of the coil is proportional to the rate of change of current in the primary coil. I will be using a multiplier circuit in conjunction with this HV generator. The diagram just shows the basic components.

A Transistor Driven Flyback Transformer Page

I have two power sources one for uC and one 2n3055 coils and I wonder can spikes from the ignition coils can do much harm to the uC if they go through common ground. Even though I can’t read the values on your schematic, I can make out the logic symbols.


The ground terminal could be the battery negative terminal. People are here and asking questions so they can learn new ocil. May 7, 9. What you really want is an H-bridge.

Hi, can I use this circuit to drive ignition coil with RC1 and diode for protecting 2n – to have one battery for oscillator and to have an other for induction coil? The sweet spot is around 5 primary turns and 8 feedback turns, where the arc is a couple of millimeters longer than previously but nowhere near the 20mm you got with the 2N The hot one is probably partly damaged and not switching on fully.

This effectively prevents the “shoot-through” condition.

This is a terrific site. Can you explain this and suggest an alternative way of measuring the secondary current. The circuits works fine without, but it might die faster than if it had protection. Without it, it is very likely you will destroy the transistors or driver ICs.