Login Sign Up Ask a question. I would like to simulate the Agilent NA unit having the A mux cards inorder to build some VI libraries before I actually receive the instument delivery. It then creates a connection between abus3 and row 7 of matrix 2 in slot 6, thereby completing the path to column 10 of matrix 2 in slot 6. If possible, could you please try it at your end and attach screenshots? The Visual Basic code below demonstrates how to connect channels on different modules. If you plan to use the driver with. I am still in the process of learning the exact way of specifying such connections in the A.

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However, when I try iiv run the vi and slide the action to “Connect” and click on Execute, I get the error. Does empty channel list in configure “” mean DMM selected?

IVI drivers to simulate instruments – A/A mux – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Message 7 of NET, Service Pack 2 is required. Ivii three strings are values of properties in the IIviIdentity interface. The Visual Basic code below demonstrates how to connect channels on different modules.

You might also find it useful to search the Help file for the phrase “Instrument-Specific Driver Overview”.


Message 1 of The above code connects row 7 of matrix 2 in slot 2 to row 7 of matrix 2 in slot 6. Revision History Version Date Notes 1. To be explicit, these are the classes this driver supports: IVI Shared Components version 1.

It contains “Getting Started” information on using the driver in a variety of programming environments as well as documentation on IVI and instrument specific methods and properties.

More Information For more information about this driver and other instrument drivers and software available 39480a Agilent Technologies visit: This utility does not remove any IVI drivers.

Agilent 34980A IVI-COM and IVI-C Driver Read Me

I think i have to manually send “INSTrument: Uninstall This driver can be uninstalled like any other software from the Control Panel using “Add or Remove Programs”.

The driver installer requires these components. On the Keysight website is a ProgrammersReference with scpi commands Where is this file? Hi Alan, this is interesting. At this point, I still don’t have the hardware with me and so, using the IVI drivers, I am hoping to simulate the hardware to build libraries that would save me coding time after the hardware arrives. Thanks for replying, PKI. But the question was something else so i 344980a help so far.

If you use the version dependent ProgId in CoCreateInstance, you will need to modify and recompile your code to use the new ProgID once you upgrade to ifi next version of the driver.


There are no public properties which can be set from the command line. IO Property” is used to send commands and read responses. If you install the.

This driver also presents an IVI-C driver via the aga. It is also available from: The easiest way to to install these other components is by running the Ivi Shared Components installation package available from the IVI Foundation as noted below.

You can download the latest version from: Im 344980a closing the channels using IviSwtch and after that i run an IviDmm command for the measurement. First of all, not all of the matrices in a module can participate in inter-module connections. If you plan to use the driver with. The IVI Foundation website only allows us to list one class that is supported, so we chose IviSwtch because it is the one that customers are most likely to care about with the ifi.