Removing The Card Other Networks Supported Networking Already Installed Other Operating Systems Supported My other drivers emit a log message whenever promiscuous mode is entered to help detect password sniffers. Setup For Windows

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3com 3CXFEBT Manuals

The timing is easily met by the slow PC card interface. No other chip accesses are permitted when this buffer is used.

Before You Begin Board-specific settings None — PC cards are autoconfigured. Installing The Network Interface Online Technical Services Table Of Contents Support From Your Network 3co Other Networks Supported Lan Connector Leds Installation Using Softex Software Uninstalling The Card World Wide Web Site Installing 3com Utilities And Documentation Don’t have an account?

Troubleshooting Windows 98 Installations Assume that we are in register window zero. Type Iii Pc Card Troubleshooting Windows Nt Installations Other Operating Systems Supported Installation For Windows For Workgroups Driver operation The 3c uses a Boomerang-style interface, without the bus-master capability.


Switching to window 0 may disable the IRQ. Table of 3cim Table Of Contents Type Ii Pc Card The device is registered with Card Services. The counters clear when read, so the adds must merely be atomic. Dos Diagnostics Help Library You’ll need the manual if you want to understand driver details anyway.

The future products may include a modem chip and put the address in the CIS. Inserting The Lan Card Support From 3com Opening The User Guide Ibm Lan Server 4.

The threshold is in units of dwords.

See the Boomerang driver and documentation for most details.