I suspect the problem is your kernel is a different version than the drivers were meant for. This setup gives up 75TB of space 53TB usable per node, while leaving 6 disks available to use as spares. After finding the function that sets the extended attributes on Solaris, the following patch was created: It seemed that even though AFR was able to copy all the files to the new node correctly, gluster for some reason continued to want to self heal the files over and over again. Firmware pci-card to IDE mode http:

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You may also find it useful opensolarjs know that you can mount the ISO directly after download: Hello, I am the development manager for 3ware products.

The one huge downside of this motherboard was the onboard Realtek NIC. Sat Feb 13, 8: At this point we are using the Opensolaris version of zfs and an older but stable openeolaris of gluster 3. In a later blog post I plan to talk more about issues that we have encountered running this specific setup in a production environment.

A good SATA raid card for Solaris – Server Fault

I was getting errors similar to this: I decided to use Ubuntu Higgers Ars Praetorian Tribus: Thanks in Advance Jon Strabala. The good news is that the zfsonlinux developers have not even really started looking into improving performance at this point, since their main focus thus far has been overall stability.


Feb 13, Anonymous. Jan 02, Anonymous. You can use the Highpoint Rocket L with the ahci driver. To find out more about Gluster you can visit Gluster.

What I would like to see is that someone can get an HBA and know if it will work and if they need to perform specail configuration BIOS or firmware screens or special flashing as I did for my M cards.

After a couple of minutes, I re-listed the files and the deleted files had in fact been restored. Setup for the two OS drives was pretty 3warre forward, we created a two disk mirrored rpool.

How do you install the driver for a 3ware RAID card in Opensolaris?

Amok 3 9. Unfortunately I am no longer able to continue this experiment and need to move on.

A google search yielded very 9650ss results on the topic, with or without Gluster as a search term. Dec 24, Posts: This new tool requires 3wars new APIs and is able to script out and rapidly automate any information inserted in the CLI allowing cloud administrators the ability to simply automate large scale operations.

After reviewing the entire logfile, I was unable to see any real pattern to the error messages, the errors were not very widespread given that I was only seeing these one maybe 75 or so files out of our total 3TB of data. Mar 31, Anonymous.


How do you install the driver for a 3ware RAID card in Opensolaris? – Ars Technica OpenForum

The distribution is called Nexenta. Sep 16, John Huang. The card itself isn’t loud, but if you have have lots of hard drives they can be loud. Sun Mar 07, 8: Onthe other hand, for all ports controlled by the P67A, things are working great!

In the end, the solution was not overly complex, I had to recursively copy the directories to a temporary location, delete the original folder and opebsolaris the new one: The project called for a solution that could scale up to around TB of usable space. Oct 15, John Huang. My initial requirements were not super hefty, 3awre knew I wanted the following: As storage is added, storage volumes are automatically rebalanced across the cluster making it always available online regardless 3wate changes to the underlying hardware.

Permission denied on several directories as well as on the files that resided underneath those directories. These links can be a starting point for anyone who wants to gain a better overall understanding of how to best administer a server running ZFS.