Archived October 11, , at the Wayback Machine. We preview G’s performance potential before getting down and dirty with the boards over the next week or so. The G’s Hybrid Graphics changes the equation. The need for energy-efficient chipsets have risen since chipsets starts including more features and more PCI Express lanes, to provide better system scalability by using PCI-E add-on cards. Retrieved August 1,

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AMD 700 chipset series

Archived March 8,at the Wayback Machine. Now that we’ve covered the features of the G chipset in general, let’s have a look at the motherboard we tested.

This article needs to be updated. We get to grips with the alpha, to see if it has the potential to be the media centre we’re looking for.

Retrieved June 4, We’ve got the low down on exactly what AMD’s new “performance-leading” integrated graphics northbridge offers, in addition to its latest southbridge which is apparently primed for some super-overclocking. Retrieved October 4, AMD claims we will see certain boards with this feature included, and it expects the onboard RAM to improve integrated performance by percent. While the G featured 78g rebranded X graphics core with Shader Model 2.

While we usually wait for full reviews, we just had graphjcs show you what arrived today: Whether or not that translates into playable framerates and acceptable CPU loads when decoding HD content, however, remains to be seen.


The G’s Hybrid Graphics changes the equation. Retrieved October 26, Since the flash controller is designed to be compatible with ATA pin-out definitions also to fit the ATA motherboard connector and is designed by Molexthis allows OEMs to produce ggaphics own brands of HyperFlash modules while at the same time providing maximum compatibility between HyperFlash modules.

We’ll explore the real-world impact of the pairing later in the review after taking a look at AMD’s new southbridge. Details about the AutoXpress features are listed as follows:. Retrieved October 12, But one issue is that chipset circuitries were usually made on a larger fabrication process nodes compared with the latest CPU process node, making recent chipsets consume more and more power than their predecessors.

Could this be the graphicz low power, ultra small form factor home theatre motherboard?

Integrated goodness? A review of the AMD G chipset | Ars Technica

Retrieved October 17, Archived October 11,at the Wayback Machine. In response to this, all discrete northbridges of the chipset series were designed on a 65 nm CMOS process, manufactured by TSMCaimed at lowering power consumptions of chipsets. These IGP features are listed below:. Nvidia’s latest Intel MCP with integrated 9-series graphics has arrived, and we get to grips with its specs and new features to see if this could be a real G45 or even P45 killer.


Jon Peddie Research predicts that motherboards chipsets with integrated graphics will have a market share of just one percent by Retrieved November 23, When enabled, Hybrid Graphics links the IGP with the discrete card and shares the rendering load between them.

For the enterprise platform, the “Remote IT” technology temporary name was reported to be released by the end of or early With beautiful lines mixing industrious looks and subtle curves make this a mod you’ll really want to see! AMD chipset series.

AMD has announced plans to cull ten percent of its global workforce in response to slower than expected sales across its entire product range. Retrieved March 6, Once linked, the two GPUs work together, theoretically boosting overall system performance. Is it worth the upgrade from G and how does it compare to a discrete HD ? All IGP northbridges are pin-compatible to each other and even predecessors seriesto lower the product cost for each PCB redesign due to pin incompatibility and maximize the product lineup.