There is no doubt that Abit knows enthusiasts, gaming, and overclocking as they are the brand most mentioned when computer users are asked to name a good board for overclocking. The list of Abit Engineered features include: Good PCB layout, a lot of field-effect transistors in the CPU voltage regulator, a lateral IDE slot, lack of the usual queue of connectors along the bottom edge of the motherboard — everything produces a very nice impression. Abit has partnered with Fatal1ty “to develop PC gaming hardware with no equal”. This alliance has yielded fruit — a series of computer hardware under the title Abit Fatal1ty, which should draw gamers’ attention to Abit products. Special PWM layout ensures a stable current to all parts of the motherboard. Memory active cooling system.

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However, there is no doubt that Fatal1ty and Abit have the ffatal1ty credentials to put together the best gaming platform available. However, is a floppy drive such a critical thing these days? BioShock Infinite and Metro: Senchihin Vladimir sench ixbt.

We liked the impeccable stable operation of this motherboard. Over their years of catering to the Enthusiast, Abit has also been an innovator in overclocking, introducing features like Soft Menu that became the standard for the industry.

FIRST LOOK: Abit Fatal1ty AA8XE

By selectively fxtal1ty network packets used by online games, this feature will give you the lowest ping times and the best online game experience available. The Fatal1ty boards and graphics cards are “Built to Kill” according to Abit – they are designed to be the “best of the best” for gaming.


Abit understands this market, so the launch of the Fatal1ty series seems an ideal fit with Abit strengths. It’s no secret that gamers, who try to keep up with the ever increasing requirements to system resources, make up a significant share of people buying hardware for desktop PCs.

Early in his gaming career, Fatal1ty became the number 1 ranked Quake 3 player in the world. Differences between motherboards’ test results are insignificant, so it’s hard to say for sure which motherboard is faster. And a couple of seconds must not play a pivotal role when choosing one of these motherboards. Log in Don’t have an account? There is no doubt that Abit knows enthusiasts, gaming, and overclocking as they are the brand most mentioned when computer users are asked to name a good board for overclocking.

As soon as you have a look at the package which is not only beautiful but rather convenient as well, by the aityou will see right away that this motherboard is designed specially for gamers and modding fans.

FIRST LOOK: Abit Fatal1ty AA8XE

Package Contents Package Contents: Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Despite the number of coolers, the overall noise background is not that high. Your board runs faster than its peers — with absolutely no overclocking skills needed. North- and South Bridges are cooled separately by abit Engineered extra-wide and highly efficient heat sink and heat spreader combinations, creating a totally silent motherboard solution.

The PCB contains no empty seats for chips and connectors.

Memory active cooling system. Introduction Abit has just unleashed their first “Fatal1ty” motherboard. The same impression is produced when you install this motherboard into a PC case and press the Power button.


There is no doubt – in the look of Fatal1ty or in the specifications – that Abit has thrown all their best Enthusiast features at Fatality. Video 3Digests Fattal1ty cards: Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up fatwl1ty comment. For those who don’t know, Fatal1ty is the name used by year old Jonathan Wendel, one of the most respected gamers in the world. We will reserve judgment until we have had a chance to compare the Fatal1ty AA8XE benchmarks to other gaming rigs.

The motherboard also contains voltage regulators for PCI-E x16 four uF capacitors reinforced with L elements and memory eight uF capacitors reinforced with L elements. In fact, there have appeared only motherboards with the nick of this famous gamer so far.

But nobody will guarantee that in six months, when fatal1tu wear out a little, you system unit will not resemble a turbine of a taking off plane. That’s why it’s not surprising that Abit decided to sign a contract with a famous figure in the world of virtual sport, namely Johnathan Fatal1ty Wendel. Onboard ports, sockets, and connectors: Dynamic range, dB A: The abundance of red illumination and the overall blood-red color of the motherboard blend with its title, which produces a complete picture of a concept product “born to kill”.