Fix a minor issue with the default configuration in x No dither and no resampling if the hardware is able to play the sample rate of the audio. More changes to the automatic latency compensation still work in progress. But we still know where our buffers are, even after we submitted them to the WDM audio driver, right? Whether or not that maps to a practical benefit is hard to make a general statement about.

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The tricky bit is to figure out where exactly to write and how to keep things in sync. There are only two scenarios worth mentioning about Directsound or MME failing: ASIO channel names that are too long are cut off a little more intelligently.

Do you think you could explain how you fixed the problem? So doesn’t most onboard laptop sound chips. USB audio devices that were blocked by other audio applications would have been flagged as “beyond logic”. Fewer overloads at low buffer size settings. Suddenly you’ll realize awio things do not necessarily have to crackle if you move stuff aio the screen. Further, you may have ended up in a situation where decent latency figures were achievable 48kHz, but severe crackling did occur at Update on the Reason issue: General workaround for all host applications that happen to drop BufferSwitch calls.


For info: Asio driver for AC97 sound chips – Avid Pro Audio Community

This has been fixed. More minor changes to the latency guess-o-matic.

The workaround is part of the ASIO4ALL installer, meaning you may have to re-run the installer, should the problem occur at any later time. The bad news is that you will have to re-do all the settings made with version 2.

realtek ac97 asio download, free realtek ac97 asio download.

It does not need an extra thread, get rid of it! This would manifest itself in an ASIO driver error if the application is started the second time. In order to install with default parameters, coompatible need to uninstall the previous version first.

Add one more instance of a workaround for the Conexant HD Audio input issue. Add support for Vista bit WaveRT audio and real time scheduling. I’ve reinstalled sound card drivers, tried a restore point, nothing, nada, rien. Fix another theoretical bug in the x64 audio startup code.

AC’97 Audio Codecs (Driver Only)

Make an effort to take back control over blocked “unavailable” audio devices. With the information I have received, I have been able to implement a much better workaround. I’m struggling with the same problem compaible this.


Please note I am not trying to prove a difference exists – just to find a way to do the test properly. Pull-Mode to be used at all.

Notably did it not work at all in 64 bit mode before. The only thing that surfaced was a lot of chkdsk errors during restoration process which led to a total restoration failure. Otherwise, the behaviour should be entirely transparent. I would be helpfull to everyone reading this if you posted the solutions to your problems.

This has been necessary because existing host software as a whole is too broken on average as to be compatibble to chase individual developers and have them fix it. The GUI has been un-cluttered a little.

Outputs may remain sc97 if there is more than one output device active. First, Welcome to hydrogenadio. Thanks to Eugene Muzychenko VAC for pointing out an issue that could have led to “beyond logic” errors here and there! All audio is dithered by the mixer.