Also, there is a new check box that lets you force resampling at This makes this mode somewhat usable in Cakewalk Sonar. I have an AC97 soundcard and get the same error messages as the person who started this thread these drivers don’t support the current audio format or are in use by another application. Hardware buffering would consume insane amounts of CPU time with the beta 1 on some systems. Staying with WDM for now. I managed to get the AC97 working so you can ignore the last post. Fix output audio glitches in 64 bit version when upsampling by integral factor.

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General workaround for all host applications that happen to drop BufferSwitch calls.

Realtek ac97 compatibility

For listening, or reproduction, there really is NO audible difference. Still features the Controversal Arrow tmwhich, compatibls, is here to stay! Add support for 24bit packed PCM sample format vs.

Added a facility and desktop shortcut to launch the control panel off-line. I mean nothing at all or it’s pure noise. Off-line changes have no immediate effect.


This time it’s been quite a number of changes. GUI moved into its own thread completly.

ASIO4ALL – Universal ASIO Driver For WDM Audio

No dither and no resampling if the hardware is able to play the sample rate of the audio. Today I started the set, and some friends came to tell me that my output was too lower than the DJ before me. With the information I have received, I have been able to implement a much better workaround. How it has happened is still ocmpatible mystery, four or five days ago, sound disappeared from my videos, etc.

General, but minor performance improvements under Vista and Win7. Midiman on This has been fixed. Requirements for DMA box being shown have been relaxed a little. Have a go at this one Arny, and he might give you a response: Chibisteven on Haven’t received registration validation E-mail?

Changes since version 2.

AC’97 Audio Codecs (Driver Only)

Unlock compatjble, reprofile the card, and try again. Suddenly you’ll realize that things do not necessarily have to crackle if you move stuff around the screen. Sorry for the inconvenience!

I understand the importance of ABX testing – and I am interested in compatble way to do a double blind test of such claims. In this case, two phantom inputs are created, because some applications seem to require this. Added another check box: Fixed a bug that would make the driver not work with some applications if the audio device does not support 48kHz.


Make an effort to take back control over blocked “unavailable” audio devices. Google threw this my way: Fix several bugs in the x64 version that sort of would have kept it from working under XP 64 almost entirely. Some more minor performance tweaks an other things.

AC’97 Audio Codecs (Driver Only) – Download

The Microsoft drivers for the same cards appear to have always worked fine. Update 21 August There must be a mathematical difference. SigmaTel High Definition Audio as also used on Intel based Macs should work now, hopefully making for a number of happy not just Boot- campers.