All the parts needed to fix, repair or replace keyboard key s. I have an Acer Aspire and i believe the DC power port has gone bad. I also had both ports break on my Acer Aspire Amy help would be appreciated. After both antenna cable disconnected, you remove two screws securing the wireless card and pull the wireless card from the slot. There are no screws securing the keyboard at all. Insert the screws into the correct holes in the battery compartment.

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Use a can of compressed air to blow out any dust and particles from underneath the keys. You can start right from here.

Computer was horribly slow before a windows reinstall, and was shutting itself down immediately after actually during the re-install process. When buying a replacement laptop key from Machina Electronicsyou’re getting one from industry experts with thousands of laptop repair parts in stock. I found Acer Aspire service manual aspiee.

How to Fix an Acer Aspire Keyboard – Laptop Keyboard Blog

Purchase a replacement Acer Aspire keyboard from a local computer keyblard, the Acer website or a registered Acer parts dealer. Nice job you are doing in here. Turn the Acer Aspire over and remove the battery pack by sliding the battery catch and pulling the pack out. All the parts needed to fix, repair or replace keyboard key s.


I also had both ports break on my Acer Aspire Assess the plastic casing clip for signs of damage.

Acer Aspire Genuine Keyboard Vas2 | eBay

If the keyboard key doesn’t fit your keyboard, we work with each customer to exchange it for the correct replacement. We will know what hinge size to send you keyborad on the key you select in Part 2 of the ordering process. I hope it helps. You just need to tell us the hinge model number and the keys you need, we’ll take care of the rest.

Taking apart Acer Aspire 5517

Carefully lift up the power button cover with a sharp object as it shown on the following picture. You can now safely remove the key cap from your keyboard inorder to view your hinge type. If there is an obvious blockage, such as a crumb or piece of dirt, remove it using tweezers. Then I took off the battery and powered the computer using just the power cord and sapire computer worked for 3 days and nights stray without turning off.

Dont worry if you are not sure what size your key hinge is. Thanks for the tutorial.

The pin inside the port moves around and while i have my curser over the battery indicator it will tell me that the power cord is connected but it is not charging. Replace the old board by sliding the ribbon 551 the new keyboard. Once you have determined which hinge type model number matches your keyboard, simply select the Model number by: I also cleaned the fan.


A year ago I took my acer aspire apart with your help aspirs seems to me I have to do it again. You can support this site. Point a strong light ieyboard the keyboard. How do I go about getting to the port to replace it? Acer Aspire is a popular range of laptops. I only ended up removing the hard drive and memory and then putting them back exactly in place. Take a flat head screwdriver in your other hand and gently pry off the stuck key from the top edge.

David a Barnes, I wish to replace the memory cards and the hard drive because I have a virus.

How to Fix an Acer Aspire 5517 Keyboard

It made replacing the keyboard a breeze! The buildup of dirt under the keyboard or damaged key clips are the most common issues. Step 2 To remove a regular sized key cap from your keyboard: