Hi Kurt, not sure. I circumvented the Problem. Just tried with a clean install of Windows 10 build and was able to install the driver for my AU card. You best bet would be to contact VueScan to see if they could help. The same case reported by Al. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. You can add the Adaptec AVA to the working cards list.

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I followed your instructions and after rebooting the drive was online in Windows Now 18 years later, SCSI is an obsolete technology, and in general is not supported under the latest versions of Windows and the the Macintosh OS, although I believe Linux still has support.

I circumvented the Problem.

Adaptec Aha au Ultra SCSI PCI Card | eBay

Windows 10 would not re-boot and I had to re-install everything. Reading and writing was very good if not better than years ago. Hi Kurt, not sure. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


The Adaptec card is listed exactly like in your screenshot above, i. PNF 8KB and djsvs.

Adaptec Aha-2940uw/gateway PCI SCSI Controller Adapter Gateway Ctrscs005aaww

It uses the driver aic78u2. All three downloaded and unzipped files aadaptec in my folder: The creator of the driver modified the 78xx drivers, if you look in the. Configure Windows 10 to let you install unsigned drivers Figure 1: I also can confirm SCSI still works on linux. With the new card, the patch is working.

You best bet would be to contact VueScan to see if they could help. Hi Steve One more thing: When I download your Unsigned driver for Adaptec AHAxx cards there is only and entry inside for the 78xx scsi cards.

When I rebooted after using csrd. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Install this driver software anyway. Next time I will try to mount one of the GB drives on Windows The same case reported by Al.

Adaptec Ahaw uw PCI SCSI Controller Card | eBay

Did Al give you feedback? Any suggestions from anyone? Thanks for prompt reply and 2940hw updating the blog. Any additional information you can provide would be helpful so that others can avoid the issue.


I am backing up with tape and not accidently wiping out my files again!!!. Can you provide more detail?

Adaptec SCSI Controller Aha-2940uw PCI Card 50 Pin 68 Pin Ultra Wide

Your email address will not be published. Thanks for the great tutorial. I assume that there is no aspi required under Windows 10? Hi Steve, thanks for putting together that information!

Hi this looks really interesting and looks like it might solve my problem of connecting a Nikon Coolscan III scanner to my computer running Windows 10, however I noticed the comment about storage, should it work for the scanner?