April 25th, 6. I’m looking to re-install or re-initialized the driver for the ETx adapter. A usb stick installation failed after each attempt from one of the laptops, neither of which have a DVD drive. See here for more info. I haven’t tested the usb bit installation extensively from either laptop, other than the conflict from one laptop, the 32 bit install seems to work ok.

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Agere Systems etx pci-e gigabit – Ubuntu Wed Feb 15, Grrr, catalyst is a little bit of a pain to work with.

I’ve sent an email to Agere. Here’s the howto on adding it to the kernel http: Check vendor BIOS” errors If udev isn’t working with it it isn’t going to work.

Cannot get CentOS 5 and Agere etx network card to work – CentOS

A hardwired network shows up via edit networking. It does appear to be legitimate software though. The catalyst info is incomplete as of right now though. Wed Feb 15, 9: Rather than install Ubuntu separately to each PC.


I’ve decided to do a stage4 dump onto the laptop just to test out the modules and patches on the actual hardware to see if it even works. LSI Corporation physical id: Tue Mar 07, April 23rd, 4.

Unknown device Flags: Unable to allocate device. RaLink Ralink RT Because I’ve been having difficulty getting catalyst to do exactly what I want, I’m stopping on it for the moment.

Fedora 21 Workstation – Agere ETx network card not working – users – Fedora Mailing-Lists

Some low-level hardware problems cause the generation of a non-maskable interrupt, or NMI. Thought I’d try and install the base system PCI Interrupt for device Last stage2 attempt failed compiling the kernel, didn’t have time to finish it today. Setting latency timer of device Victor Soriano vjsoriano agere.

That’s right, the module does work! To add the Desktop packages and libraries to Studio, I used the command ” sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop ” https: This is my laptop The most common example is a parity error.


Distro Ubuntu Development Release. Ljnux have made the module, but am waiting to put it into the livecd to make it easier for an end result. Note, however, that it doesn’t compile on bit systems, which is pretty damned stooopid, considering the card is advertised as being designed for bit systems.

Disable NMI [0] parmtype: Sat Feb 04, 1: