A little focus-bracketing gave me this quite sharp, though still grainy, low light image You can’t unplug those and wander around taking pictures, though. Inside, it’s nothing if not tight-packed. Only the middle of the image is really in decent focus, with those ugly tiny-lens distortion effects fuzzing out the edges. First up, some indoor shots of a random arrangement of colourful objects. The exposure’s actually pretty good, though. Fortunately, they look like this.

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If you don’t want sound at all, hold the mode button down for a few seconds and the DualPix goes into silent mode. The built-in memory’s apparently enough for 13 minutes of record time, which is tons by voice-note standards, though nothing much compared with proper micro-recorders. And no overly disgusting compression artifacts this time, either.

You just hold the shutter button down while you want the camera to shoot, and it’s ready to take another clip right after finishing the last one.

This sort of picture will show up the limitations of an auto-everything camera that picks its exposure unwisely; if it can’t do a half-decent job of this picture, it won’t do well on brightly backlit portrait shots, either.

Video Cameras by Joshua Goldman Nov 13, If aiptwk camera won’t take a picture at all, though – and PenCams won’t, in anything but quite bright light – then your photographic output is going to be, ah, minimalist.

Still washed out, still replete with circular tiny-lens distortion effects, but not horribly fuzzy. Now, Wal-Mart can deliver HD-quality movies directly to a variety of Lithium polymer – manufacturer-specific. If you want to get a sharply focussed close-up picture and you don’t have the DualPix tethered to a computer whose monitor you can see, you have to take several shots, tweaking the focus and framing in between.


Cheap digital camera comparison – Aiptek PenCam VR 2 and PenCam Ultra versus Hercules DualPix

The VR 2’s stand also comes in handy if you use the PenCam’s 10 second self-timer mode to get prncam into the picture. This driver supports models including the Aiptek Pencam and the Nisis Quickpix 2.

The colour balance pencak good, and the focus isn’t too bad – it’s fuzzier, yes, but that’s because the PenCam Ultra I got for review has a more general-purpose mid-field focus setting than the VC 2 I got.

These let you store titchy VGA-resolution images as kilobyte files, which look no better than a 50k or smaller JPG.

That’s the little beeper transducer sitting on top of the chip on the lower portion of the board; the CMOS camera module’s in the middle, and the viewfinder’s on the top.

I wandered around the garden with the PenCam Ultra snapping things at random, and five minutes of that, quite a lot of deleting, and then a bit of Photoshop punch-up work resulted in this shot. Toys and Tabletop Games by Bonnie Aiptel 8 days ago. But its compression is clearly struggling – all of the crunchy detail in the scene doesn’t squish down well into a JPG file not much bigger than 53 kilobytes.

A little focus-bracketing gave me this quite sharp, though still grainy, low light image It remembers that it’s in silent gr2 when it’s turned off, too.


If its performance in truly low light penca, out to be appalling, after all, then it’d do better to behave like the PenCams and just not let you take pictures. This isn’t the world’s most appealing vehicle-light-trails-at-night photo, but it demonstrates the principle.

Aiptek PenCam Voice VR2 Plus – digital camera Overview – CNET

Aiptek PenCam Flicker 4 estrelas. Not that there’s anything wrong with the Hero 6!

Even if its focus were more generally useful, its voice recording is dodgy, and there’s nothing else in its feature set that distinguishes it from other current PenCams. It’s also surprisingly sharp – the focus of the VC 2 I got for review is set rather close.

Aiptek PenCam 2 Manuals

PenCam Manager lets you get your hands on the images easily enough – it just dumps them in directories named according to the “gallery” name you’ve selected. PenCam Trio High Definition.

Mobile by Stephen Shankland 10 days ago.

On to the DualPix. Yes, children – this utility has a simple Save All button that just dumps everything gr2 the camera to a folder. Good colour, good exposure, good focus. Summary of Contents of installation instruction for Aiptek trio vga. First, and most importantly – these things have an Anti-Lousy-Picture feature.