Moreover, it can remotely re-power each PoE devices connected to the topology switch. Please use the block detecting function in CamPro HD. Do you have problem to understand what device is to the network? What can I do? Why does my WiFi data rate keep changing? I have to restart and log in the program manually and it is not that easy for me if this happened in the midnight. Why the live view loss connection only when login in remote site?

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This can be a remote AP, or a local client. User can select rotation function to make the mirror or vertical flip.

What does IP Code mean? No protection against contact and ingress of objects. How to access the MWS using remote management function. I managed to make calls from outside of my room – with the door ksyphone-1000.

It does not look as good as other offerings, which try to imitate the feel of cell phones.


How do I connect N. Why does sometimes User Authentication not work properly and the login screen will not come out? I have a large surveillance project, and would like to use ODHD for the long distance surveillance.


Please refer the below table of LED: MINI will flash very fast then wireless network quickly freezes up, why? How to solve the red image problem of ODHD? How work Campro HD when disk is full?

Air Live Phone Skyphone-1000

Then, please Click here to download the installation guide. Otherwise, this function will not work normally. What should I do? It is suggested to download the attached compatibility list for more detail information.

Remote site should also have enough internet download bandwidth to download the video from NVR. The temperature and humidity values appear to be incorrect? Or try to download other BT torrents.

AirLive Skyphone Download – Skyphoneexe

Water equivalent to 1mm rainfall per minute. Does Campro Express 64 auto record after PC restarting? In order to let image match to what people see, camera needs IR cut filter for day light.

How to Enable MINI if it was switched to Router mode. USB and why the Linux driver doesn’t work? The quality of calls is great, comparable to normal calls from a land line. This connection diagram also can be exported if the hard copy is required. For getting a smoother and stable video stream, we need to rearrange the video profile. Live view in Local site is stable without loss connection, but cameras loss connection only when login in remote skypone-1000 via internet?


If I could not enter AirMax2 web management, what could I do?

What can I do if I have wireless connection problems? To the left of the display wkyphone-1000 will find two buttons, one of which turns on the microphone, while the other can be used to adjust the volume during a call. Please try to increase the TX output power to higher levels to check for improvement.