Capture Images in High Quality Get crisp, clear images, no matter how challenging your originals may be. Capture Pro Brochure 0. How do I replace the separation roller or the separation roller tires? Our award-winning range of scanners, software and services are available worldwide, and through our network of channel partners. Manually rotate and wipe the rollers with a roller cleaning pad. Faster Loan Processing for Leading Micro-Lender Capture Pro and branch scanning drive real efficiency in meeting the finance needs of under-served communities.

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Capture Pro Software for Scanners – Alaris

Specifications Support Related Products. If you are producing Searchable PDF output on the same PC alagis scanning into new batches, then it is recommended that your PC has a dual-core processor. Share job setups across the organization to maintain standard capture, index and routing rules for compliance.

Make your paper more productive with Alaris Capture Pro software. Install each new tire by gently pulling it over the core.

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The suite of Alaris Capture Pro options is scalable and flexible to grow with your business. Following are the minimum system alafis for stand-alone Capture Pro workstations and Network Edition client workstations:. Kodak Alaris updates drivers and firmware to correct issues and add new features. The Kodak trademark and trade dress are used under license from Eastman Kodak Company.


See Appendix A, Specifications.

United States [ Change ]. Manually rotate and wipe the separation roller tires with a roller cleaning pad. Manually rotate and wipe the rollers with a roller cleaning pad. Use Intelligent Barcode Reading to automatically read barcodes, extract, index and route data. Huge volume of records converted seamlessly via expertise of Data Repro Com Ltd. Slaris do I Purchase Service?

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Remove both core assemblies 3. I agree to the terms of the privacy policy. Lower the separation roller holder back in place. Intelligent Quality Esnao automatically flags questionable information for review.

Pull the upper housing up and away from the rollers. Convert multiple batches of paper alaria high-quality images quickly, with scanning speeds up to pages per minute Capture and index critical data and deliver it to databases, applications and people automatically Send smarter information to ECM systems and Microsoft SharePoint Integrate extensively to streamline workflow and processes Available as a 1-year subscription in addition to existing perpetual licensing options not available as a service on Auto Import Edition Capture Pro Software Network Edition Capture across your world.

How do I replace the alariss roller or the separation roller tires? For a reseller a,aris information please refer to this link. Find the right edition of the software for your work, from desktop to high-volume operations.


Use the chart below as a guide to how frequently you should clean your scanner. If the tires show signs of wear or damage, replace the separation roller. The pre-separation pad fits snuggly in place; therefore, a little force may be required to remove it.

Ensure Process Integrity Securely and reliably capture ad share information across your business. For the software to operate correctly, you must have the complete package of. Manage multiple capture and indexing stations anywhere on your network from a central location Leverage remote administration and batch monitoring Utilize auto import, link workstations and more Capture Pro Software Auto Import Edition Got files?

Wipe the upper and lower imaging guides with a Staticide wipe. Wipe the upper and lower background strips again with an almost-dry Staticide wipe to remove any streaks. Extract and Index with Confidence Prevent post-scan rework with tools to validate accurate capture. Do not overstretch the tire; it may tear. Install the new pre-separation pad. With one hand, press the locking tabs essnap on each side while holding the lower housing with the other hand.