I was eager to take the AlchemyTV DVR for a spin, as I always wondered what it would be like to be able to watch TV in a small window on the computer screen, instead of having to look behind me at the TV. I have experienced a general sluggishness since updating to Tiger. The original version of the card wasn’t 3. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any instructions for enabling the remote control so I had to figure this all out for myself! He spent about 20 minutes on the phone with me and determined I probably received a bad remote; instead of having me send the entire card back, he said a new remote would be sent next business day. It doesn’t do anything if you don’t have the Keyspan DMR. I have yet to try the DVR capabilities.

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Another minor gripe with the DVR software is that it schedules in military time only, but that’s the least of its problems. In other words the 1st channel, is channel 2, but the program identifies it as channel 1.

I had run both an earlier version of Miglia AlchemyTV and EyeTV when they first came out, and was none too impressed with either solution at the time. Running the setuo assistant again fixed that, but after that I have a nasty artefact: I was eager to take the AlchemyTV DVR for a spin, as I always wondered what it would be like to alchekytv able to watch TV in a small window on the computer screen, instead of having to look behind me at the TV.

The software provides a “fine-tuning” option which allows you to offset your tuner frequency for a better picture.


Miglia AlchemyTV/ DVR Review –

I made sure that processor performance was set to “Highest” in the energy saver control panel, and also made sure that the option to “Put hard-disks to sleep whenever possible” was not checked. Recording and the remote work as expected. Moreover, I found some wording for the software is kind of weird, not sure it is a typo or the way UK English is. So I trashed the prefs and that seems to have fixed the startup problem but now it constantly wants to shutdown my computer after a recording which is really annoying.

Now the video will resize properly and the application seems to be much more stable. With this update v2.

Technical Specification

Wish they would enhance their manual to make it easier to understand iCal scheduling and other plugin access. All in all, this isn’t a bad product.

This new version is faster at switching channels and contains numerous updates, which are to many to mention her.

Maybe a faster harddrive in a DP 2. What can I say, the card works great, the software is rock solid. Go to the “accounts” option in System Preferences and add the following application in the Startup Items list for each account that you would like to use the AlchemyTV card with: I get far better results in plugging in my Mini-DV-camcorder and transferring the recorded stuff via firewire to my G4 for further editing.

Programming shows to record is easily done via time and date, and the scheduled recordings also show up in iCal! The default setting was pretty much in the right form. Item is in your Cart.

Miglia Technology AlchemyTV DVR User Manual

Although it lacks some of the abilities of TiVO, it generally makes an effective personal video dcr. Viewing at x is OK. Still very unstable software. You can program the remote’s “power” button to open OR close the TV viewing window, but not both; if you want to be able to open and close the TV window from the remote, you have to assign two buttons; one for each task. This item is not eligible for international shipping. PCI cards have some small amount of play side-to-side in the slot bracket, but I’m not sure if that would help with this as I don’t have a pix of the problem.


First, Miglia’s support and quality control was lacking upon the Alchemy’s initial release if you search your archives of my review of the card upon receiving it you’d know what I mean. The G5 systems require 3. Although the card and software are capable of a larger capture as evidenced by the std PAL settingsMiglia does not evr support a slightly oversized NTSC capture so that you can wind up at x after cropping the junk at the edges.

I popped it into a friend’s native Mhz G4 tower Mhz bus and it displayed fine at x, so it isn’t a defective card. So what’s the problem? Usually no more than a two day delay to email. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. I have been using the 2.