The usb light is on. I’m using Edirol UM and Sonar 1. If this is your first visit, you will have to register before you can post or view specific content. Employee May 12, Tue Aug 22, 1:

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Also, I can’t seem to find how to delete bad drum maps so I can start again. Stringrazor1 Max Output Level: As far as the rest is concerned, I’d still just merge all that into a single track and apply a drum map to it – but drum maps may not have been introduced until 2.

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Frank Coffey – Songwriter http: And FYI they have adjustable midi note lengths, so you don’t have the trouble that Sandbox was having. I always enjoy that, frankly; but I have to allocate time to do so.

Alesis DM5 Reference Manual: Onnections; Midi

Previous topic Next topic. Tue Aug 22, 3: You can record MIDI, to trigger sounds elsewhere or to re-trigger the module later; but it’s only trigger info, not audio. If so see if you can find settings to alter the note lengths on the drum brain. Just let the advices keep on coming!


MIDI stuff + Alesis DM5

Any help will be appreciate it. It’s just a matter of routing it right within your computer. To use the sounds of any drum module you have to record audio at some stage. But thank you for your comments and help.

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Deen Ok, now I’m gonna take this a little bit out of it’s original direction Let me know how this goes. You could then work backwards and assign those notes to your edrum pads.

Alesis DM5

From a drum map you can easily solo or mute individual drums midi notesyou can select an individual drum and apply quantization to only that drum, you can point different drums out to different modules if you like, for example, sometimes, I point the drum map out to the dr for the WizLive sample set, but I still want the hi-hat to go over to the vdrums brain because the control is way better there – simple with a drum map.


The computer doesn’t seem to be picking up the drums at all.

Last edited by Catman87 ; Thanks for listening – Let’s Dance to the rhythm of life! Maybe someone will chime in. The two things that have prevented me from getting into drum maps are: I have never triggered cymbals before. User profile for user: Ive downloaded the midi monitor and extracted the zip, however, i cannot find an application to run.

MIDI problems [Alesis DM5/Acid 7/MIDI-OX] – VDrums Forum

Deen, of WinterStudios No gain, no pain Arm each track and record. So now i have my hands a bit tied up. Tue Aug 22, 9: