Watton, Norfolk, UK Status: Forums Posts Latest Posts. Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. There is also a firmware update utility that might work for all in the multi mix series http: Do yourself a favor and either take it back or shoot it.

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InstrEd Max Output Level: I would try those out.

I was using it about 3 minutes multimjx I installed the drivers and have not had any problems. I’m fortunate that my rig is fairly stable, but I also cannot take advantage of low latency without bad drop outs.

I think the consensus is that Alesis products simply just don’t play well with Sonar. Plus I’d email Alesis tech support and tell them that someone over there said no drivers aso on the page.

If it’s not the high pitched squeal then it’s the drivers or a latency issue or drop outs. Forums Posts Latest Posts.

Maybe there is a driver somewhere in cyberland On the Multimix USB4 page no drivers. I have a multimlx albeit a FW12 but that’s older technology than the USB versions of the multimix and I have drivers that work on Windows 7 x64, so you should be able to get drivers for yours without any problem.


Have you tried the drivers from the Alesis website? Do yourself a favor and either take it back or shoot it. Plus, the Sonar template it comes with requires no modification or changes. FastBikerBoy Anyway, there are no x64 drivers for the multimix series Heck I go over and do it to now: Best Regards, Jim Roseberry jim studiocat.

Alesis multimix asio drivers | Cakewalk Forums

Surely they have better support for the later models? Jim Roseberry Max Output Level: Give it a try and let us know if it works. In which case, it wouldn’t have a mutlimix ASIO driver. Take it back, it’s not worth the headache, spend a few extra dollars and buy a better interface -take it from me, I have a Alesis USB Mixer, and it’s always one thing after another.

Alesis multimix asio drivers

Essentials Only Full Version. There’s definitely Windows x64 drivers for the Firewire Multimix ‘cos I’m using them, and that’s a discontinued product.


Tech guy at Alesis is an idiot Read the page on the multtimix above Anyway, there are no x64 drivers for the multimix series Watton, Norfolk, UK Status: This has been a great purchase! I no longer use it as my set up has changed but I had great success with it on my older set up.

User Control Panel Log out.

If you can still return the product, I would strongly recommend that you do. View More Photo Galleries. Alesis does not have any drivers on their site. Forum Themes Mobile Progressive.

I only wish I knew this myself, before I was ‘stuck’ with an Alesis product.