Online If this light turns off during normal operation it would indicate the loss of the IP registration. About Contact Privacy Policy. I don’t know if this means anything, but I no longer get “Critical 3 UCD invalid or channel unusable” errors with the Motorola. Aaron M Member Nov-8 They shouldn’t be having UCD and channel problems.

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It will either stay at preparing upload, or show an error. The only adminitration tool in the modem is for changing your password.

About Contact Privacy Policy. Mo torola surfboard SB Aaron M Member Nov-8 2: I realized that shortly after posting because restarting the modem does not help at all.

Carlos Salas July 23,2: This was the problem I was having. Is that Motorola modem cooler?

JB July 26, To answer my own question: I am a web developer, and I rely on uploading often since I need to upload websites. This was always when maxing out bw, say, downloading from newsgroups. Have replace Ethernet card, checked cables, still no response.


Also we have wireless home theater and it keeps dropping programs in the middle of shows and sometimes wont pick up internet again.

They’re gonna roll a truck tomorrow with a new modem. Motorola cable surfboard modems are fairly numerous and below you will find a picture how a typical model will look. June 23,5: Hello, Would I be able to connect to this modem wirelessly??

I was able to access the modem settings, but there is no factory reset.

Cable Modem Troubleshooting: Ambit U10C

I guess your modem isn’t U10C model. Derwood2 Wherever you go, there you are Premium Member join: Replacing the modem fixes the problem.

Notes and Useful Information: I don’t know if this means cahle, but I no longer get “Critical 3 UCD invalid or channel unusable” errors with the Motorola. Aaron M Member Nov Internet has been fine since then. I could alway limit the bw to one third the speed to avoid the ambit issues but this is unacceptable since I’m paying for 10M, not 3M or less.


JB August 8, mldem, I purchased mine, and just called in to swap MAC ids. Most Active Forum Topics this week I wonder if my local office will have it too.

Ambit Cable Modem | eBay

Actually, now that I think about it. Mine only happens during downloads. Then I turned the router on followed by the modem a minute or so later.