Opteron definitely sounds good for you. Hard to fathom if that is worth anything. Think about it this way, AMD is a small company compared to Intel. There’s no need for petty insults on this sub. Still, the Phenom beats it in every benchmark.

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All things being equal, and price not an issue, would one want to go top of the line FX or pikedriver of the line i7?

We used the T results from a previous article Llano I think and didn’t have time to get in the T to run the full allotment of tests before pilesriver. Then there’s the SSD issue. All those transistors are going wasted, or it’s just insanely inefficient. Log in or sign up in seconds. Does Piledriver deliver where Bulldozer fell short?

Is Tuban Realforce the Realthing? I wouldn’t want to game on this laptop, but it can do anything else and you’d never know the difference. AMD’s ability to hold on was largely due to its more-cores-for-less strategy. Cities I thubab some drops to mid 40’s but it happens so rarely I never consider it.

Maybe explaining to your friend how what they are getting is a gaming machine superior than the previous generation of consoles for not much more cost would be a way to make them worry less. Comparisons are invalid unless you use memory with the The test show some consistencies but there is still a rather big difference in attitude and benches towards the FX.


It has since told us that the 8C Bulldozer is actually 1. Sad I need to rely on core count. Provided OP has the budget, a evo or pileriver h5 would pair nicely with the Thuban.

AMD Vishera FX-6300 & FX-4300 Review

Notice they ran their games at resolutions like x and at the highest, x while I ran my tests piledrlver p. The game itself fired up with: The way I look at it is this. Some Interlagos core processors where mentioned to be around 85w on 1.

I ran these benchmarks again with Cool n quiet set to disabled. Haven’t played in a while, next time I do play, I will be putting settings way down.

Granted Turbo Core will help push frequencies even higher, but these low base frequencies are troubling.

Most of the people posting dont really care about their lightbill multi gpu, plethora of fans and watt PSUs so why are people complaining that much? Submit a textpost discussion.

Windows 7 SP1 bit was installed, along with all additional MS updates and the two scheduler patches Microsoft released for Bulldozer last year. My first chip was an X2 that I unlocked to the X4. Budget is the limit there. Hope the cards are good cause AMD could be in trouble. When I saw just how pathetic the did in these benchmarks I couldn’t believe it.


BB code is On.

Phenom II beats FX Vishera core for core? – – An Overclocking Community

True, many people couldn’t care less, and many application that could benefit – haven’t been rewritten to take advantage of these new instructions. That’s true, but the ‘s higher clock speed 4. Finally using its failures at the factory to supply the value market with a few cores, they don’t need more and its pretty much free money to keep the server machine fueled. Piledrivwr first digit in AMD’s FX model numbers indicates the number of cores with the and boasting eight, while the only has six active integer cores three Bulldozer modules.