The website does not warrant the following: Disclaimers of Warranties 1. Below are some simple rules to consider: The number of the LED strings placed in the parallel connection is used to calculate the required power level for the whole setup. While striving to become both the LED power supply product and knowledge leader, Amperor is committed to providing clean and safe power to LED industry.

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Read his articles below or discuss your power supply design requirements with him. How can I expect the power supply to support the LEDs for their entire lifespan? However there are semi-assembled LED modules, which contain several LEDs and an on-board constant current source, available on the market.

Read his articles below or discuss your power supply design requirements with him. Which topology should be used – Constant Voltage or Constant Current?

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Through the website, Amperor is committed to help LED sign and illumination builders improve their LED light displays, and to simplify their power architecture. Internet Retail Sales Website: Please note that engineering samples products currently in development are available for review.

Please use the list ldd to find the LED power supply you need. Please refer to the below selection guides for details:. After rushing to switch to the latest LED technology, many people are often puzzled by some unexpected questions. The website does not warrant the following: What are the required certifications?


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What are the voltages available at the application location? In addition, Amperor has developed a network of manufacturer’s representatives to assist in local support of our customers throughout the world, including Norcomp in the SF Bay area. Cannot find what you need? We believe this growth is result of the quality products we manufacture and the quality service we provide. Some companies that assemble their own LED modules in-house are using the higher voltage output options, such as the 36V or the 48V, so that they can mount as many LEDs as they can to one string as possible.

We have worked closely with the engineers in the LED lighting industry to develop products free from these pitfalls.

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Internet Retail Sales Website: Why does the vendor suggest that I house the IP65 rated power supply inside another water-tight box for outdoor use? What is the required operation temperature of the LED application? We are committed to providing our customers innovative and cost effective solutions that insure their success in the high technology marketplace. We have product evaluation samples in stock and ready lec ship from our Houston office.

If one LED goes out, the xmperor string stops to function correctly. Below are some questions to consider: Working in close partnership with industry leaders like HP, Cisco, Avocent, Siemens, Lexmark, and others, we have developed the technology and products that support ampedor board range of requirements in the data processing, LED, networking, telecom, instrumentation, and computer industries.


Component level LEDs are better driven by a constant current source because it better controls the brightness and avoids lifespan decreasing of the LEDs in use.

Amperor provides both sales and technical support to our domestic customers.

Employees and Associated Companies Amperor employs over associates worldwide. Please refer to the below selection guides for details: We have product evaluation samples in stock and ready to ship from our Houston office.

Two Class amperot Output Channels. The number of the LEDs placed in the series connection in one LED string is used to calculate the voltage needed to be applied across the string. Read here to learn more about the UL certification. InAmperor, Inc. Intertek was originally established to specialize in the design and manufacture of Automatic Test Systems.