Three Technology Way P. Intel Corporation Microvoice Systems Corp. This new board brings the user the utmost in system flexibility. Software’ available Optional bit single board and bit dual board. Can operate as Busmaster. Rechargeable battejry, provides second, min.

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Non-interleaved dab transfer up to 1.

antiech And with bit addressing support, you can take advantage of high performance microprocessors like the Q and the new inexpensive memory chips to address larger physical RAM memory.

On-board Intel CPU. Channel control for true high-speed streaming with no repositioning. Includes intelligent controller pro- viding high-level command set, making it easy to write software drivers.

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Controls double sided, double density 8″ floppy. The GXB represents true state of the art per- formance. It improves ease-of-use through its multiple data width and interconnect facil- ities.

Astrosy stemsInc. At Metacomp, we’ve done a lot to change that by bringing you nothing less than the whole enchilada.

And, if you don’t mind us saying so, that alone should zx090 enough to make you want to call. Matrix pixels Matrox Electronic. Cycle stealing and simul- other important work. On-board processor runs iNAl tranjsport software which offloads network intercommunication tasks from host. For instance, the number of Multibus vendors has increased from approximately anitechh to over 1 20 in just 5 years, with a projection of close to vendors by No, once per document is enough, but you should also mark each additional occurence of the word or acronym in: Santa Clara, CA, Greg Anderson Control smith.


Argentina: Buenos Aires

Employing the IEEE P compatible bit address, all ahitech are compatible with systems using the 68or Z microprocessors. Multimodule, intelligent interface with programmable offsets.

High resolution-accuracy digitizer in large size tablets with both opaque and backlit surfaces. Fill out the prepaid and drop it in the mail.

Optional interrupt and hand shaking manual included with example applications. Pipelining promotes the ef- ficient use of the execution bus and helps make possible its higher bandwidth.

Thus, customization and incre- mental enhancement of the computer for each customer is simplified, resulting in greater customer satisfaction. Optional floppy controller version. Also, the isolation of critical signals with adjacent ground pins reduces noise in nearby cir- cuits on the backplane. Harrison Pomona, CA Marietta MI Infinity Inc.

Full text of “The Multibus Buyers Guide Winter84OCR”

It supports up to 16 devices, both 8- and bit and provides 16 megabyte memory or register address space per device. Choose from 8K up es with hrs. That period during which a trademark is claimed prior to registration can vary, but is usually one to two years. Organized in a simple, efficient format, they give you the data in minutes — not the days and weeks formerly required before the Ironoak Guides arrived on the scene.


This data portrays the Multibus standard as a thriving, evolving, dynamic architecture supporting a market which is as “alive” today as it was in the past. It pays to plan ahead.

Full featured control panel; power fail detection.