The attachment hub 45 projects through the hub openings 52, as shown in FIG. Acceleration data processing program, and storage medium, and acceleration data processing apparatus for use with the same. The shell 50 defines a concave surface 58 that is arranged to face the directional keypad What is claimed is: Each of the components, such as the controller stick 22, base 23 and clip 24, can be readily formed by injection molding.

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Cooling structure of semiconductor integrated circuit element, semiconductor integrated circuit element cooling board provided therewith, and computer semiconductor integrated circuit element cooling structure provided therewith.

Video game device, readable recording medium that animation display controlling program in the animation display controlling method, and a video game in the video game is recorded. Furthermore, there are provided with two grips 7a and 7b extended from the housings 1a and 1b, and grooves 8a and 8b are formed on rear surfaces of the grips 7a and 7b.

Methods and systems for providing contriller virtual touch haptic effect to handheld communication devices. If the controller 10 is held by the recess portions 18a, 20a and 22a, an interval or gap occuring between the thumb and the index finger is narrow.

US6102803A – Operating device with analog joystick – Google Patents

However, the invention further contemplates a hybrid attachment band 26 in which separate elastic members are attached to a plate that contacts the bottom of the controller body The joystick unit includes a housing formed by a case 44 and a cover 46, and an inner case 48 is accommodated within the housing.

Therefore, the data transfer control circuit functions such that the data transferred from the bus control circuit 12 or the operation status data of the controller 40 received by the reception circuit or the data read-out from the RAM cartridge or controller pack 50 is written in the RAMor the data of the RAM is read-out in response to the instructions from the bus control circuit 12 to be transferred to the bus control circuit However, in the above described computer games, the vibration is generated on the joy-stick only, and therefore, a power is insufficient.


Skip to main content. Next, in a step S 13the CPU 11 performs a predetermined image processing operation on the basis of the program being stored in the program data area and the data stored in the image data area shown in FIG.

The electronic game device, with the option of pseudostereofoniseen sound development. This feature of the invention achieves an additional object of providing different controller knobs depending upon the user’s preference. At that point, the remaining attachment finger 62 could be stretched underneath the controller body 11 for engagement with the final tab The shell of the clip includes three arms ank from the shell, each arm carrying a tab.

IBM 76h1571 76h1572 Joystick With 4 Suction Cups 15 Pin Port Anko Electronic Co

Acceleration data processing program, and storage medium, and acceleration data processing apparatus for use with the same. System and method for controlling haptic devices having multiple operational modes. The underside 41 of the contact body is preferably configured to mate with the depressible buttons 13 on the directional keypad Bitstream decoding apparatus with reduced error correction processing and decoding method.

A controller for television game machine for home use is normally held by hands of the operator to operate respective switches or keys provided on the controller. Preferably, the third operating means is constructed by an analog joystick.

Method and apparatus employing stress detection for highly secure communication.

Video game apparatus and medium readable by a computer stored with video game program. In the specific embodiment, the support walls 59 are disposed radially outward from the depressible buttons 13 of the keypad 12 and are preferably interdigitated between the buttons This seller is currently away until Jan 07, An operating device is, while in use, connected to an image processor which generates image data of an image to be displayed on a monitor on the basis of a program.


Computer-readable storage medium having information processing program stored therein and information processing apparatus.

Nerdly Pleasures: Three Flight Simulator Joysticks for DOS

Method and apparatus for using a common pointing input to control 3D viewpoint and object targeting. In a video electrojic system comprising a video game program executing processing system for executing a video game program; a hand-held player controller connected to said video game program executing processing system and operable by a player to generate video game control signals for said video game program; and a memory media for storing video game instructions for said video game program, a method of providing physical sensations to a player using said video game system comprising:.

Method and apparatus for generating directional and force vector in an input device. A content of the data will be described later in the description of an operation of the control circuit Furthermore, a sloped angle of the guide wall of the guide ring is determined in a manner that the lever 90 at a position that the lever 90 is inclined at its maximum inclination is along with the guide wall becomes in parallel to each other as shown in FIG.

If the controller data request command is outputted, the process proceeds to the step S 22 wherein the bus control circuit 12 outputs a command for reading the data of the controller 40 into the controller gaje circuit The attachment hub 45 projects through the hub openings 52, as shown in FIG.

In using the joystick adapter 20 of the present embodiment, the user would engage the controller stick 22 to the controller base 23 with the attachment hub 45 projecting through the hub opening 52 of the clip shell