The board is tight fitting to the ATX specification other than the placement of the floppy drive at the top of the board. The correct way to go about implementing this feature is clearly described in PDF-format manual. In this board, there is an adequate gap between the DIMM slots and the above mentioned connectors but in many other boards those same connectors are nearly flushed against the DIMM slots, causing inconvenience to use the 1st DIMM slot. Windows98 and even the display card are involved in the execution of this function. Since my test system is different from that of Vijay’s the results I’m about to present here are a little different in terms of the benchmarked scores, but you should be able to make a pretty good comparison. Quantum Fireball EX 6.

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So long the power is connected motyerboard your motherboard, it will sustain the information. ZD Winstone 99 Results.

The contents of the well known AOpen box include the following: The correct way to go about implementing this feature is clearly described in PDF-format manual.

AOpen AX63 Pro – motherboard – ATX – Slot 1 – Pro133A

Firstly, let me say that overclocking the Pentium II was very easy with this board. You may also like. Even maneuvering through the BIOS looks slow! This is set in the Bios under the Chipset-section. What we see was a very slight performance drop using the new drivers. However, when I tried to use the same settings on the MS Pro, the system showed some instability, especially when running the Winstone benchmarks.


Motherboarc bigger complain other than the 3rd fan-connector would be the lack of a proper manual in booklet form! You may try routing the floppy cable below the motherboard.

I thought the system hung but it was just a long delay. If this is a board aimed at overclockers, what happened to the 3rd fan-connector? aoepn

The URMs have been much improved than those found on older AOpen Slot-1 boards I presume that the newer ones are made by a 3rd party manufacturer as some other boards have the same design. All but a single PCI slot can take a full length card while neither of the ISA pr is capable of accepting ax633 length cards. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Have a look at Jackie’s trip to Taiwan, where he visited the AOpen factory lots of interesting pictures await you!

The results speak for themselves. Over time, AOpen has built itself a nice reputation of the most stable aoprn well performing motherboards in the industry. I’m really curious what made AOpen put the floppy connector in such an awkward position. Read on to see if AOpen continues the trend of solid, well constructed, non-Intel motherboards with the introduction of the AX63Pro.


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AXPro CA x 4. Log in Don’t have an account? So the overclocking prospects are very good with this board coupled with the 0. Once again, the benchmarks just never stop running even when we seem to have finished reviewing the product. I’ve included here, the info from the manual: A normal motherboard booklet like the ones bundled with older AOpen motherboards would have been very useful.

This item doesn’t belong on this page. Anyway here are all the Zopen settings available: Although it’s labeled, it’s hard to see them within the case in one small corner.

AOpen AX63 Pro, Slot 1, Intel () Motherboard | eBay

In addition, AOpen’s implementation of detecting temperatures pales in comparison with other boards and high price. I don’t think this one should have been skipped. Though this board works well, performance is slacking and minor pauses may occur time to time. To guarantee a tightly integrated system, combine an AOpen motherboard with any one of its barebone cases and your favorite peripherals.

This situation continues throughout all the tests. Best Selling in Motherboards See all.