Apply even pressure, and try not to pry. You might want to be a little proactive at this point and try to reduce the chance of this happening again. Great mouse for an affordable price. Blog Archive About Contact. Accept what it is, let go of what it was, and embrace what it has become. Using a sharp knife, cut through the 8 places where the graphite and clear plastic are connected. As the personal computer was still in its infancy with no standards, Apple’s mice could be used on any system capable of using such a quadrature mouse, in combination with a spliced cable or adapter as necessary.

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His pictures are often easier to understand than mine. Current MacBook family inch Air Pro. The biggest departure in terms of design is the new opaque white inner core. You can crack the plastic at this point, but only if you force things.

Apple Pro Mouse – Wikipedia

This layering actually reminds me of marbles I had as a kid mousd I would hold up to the sun to examine their swirls of layered color. The Macintosh mouse was little changed from the original Lisa version and is completely interchangeable. This Pro Mouse is used, but in great condition and works well. I don’t think you can do more than cosmetic damage at this point. Ideally now you would ppro whatever needs to be done to remove the wings, but I don’t think there’s a way to do that.


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Opening and Repairing an Apple Pro Mouse. Apr 13, 8: Released with the iMac in and included with all successive desktop Macs for the next two m57769, the round “Hockey puck” USB mouse is widely considered one of Apple’s worst mistakes.

Apple White USB Pro Mouse M5769 Wired EMC No. 1899

Harald van Arkel has a set of pages with very detailed photos and appld of the inside of an Apple Pro Mouse. See all 2 refurbished listings.

Retrieved 7 April Posted on Apr 13, 7: But you can lift pfo sections apart about 3 millimeters near the rear the front parts will mousr together. The crystal clear shell incases a translucent graphite housing which hints at the inner workings of the mouse. Putting it back together: Retrieved January 11, Cheap but not much functionality This looks good and didn’t cost much, but it won’t scroll and at the moment I can’t get the right click to work. Two years later, Apple switched back to a more elliptical shape and monochromatic black and white design.

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Apple Mouse

It was also the first mouse produced by Apple in black to match the Macintosh TV as well as the Performa sold in black. Steve Jobs insisted that the OS should be simple enough to be operated mous just one button.

From prl on, the Pro Mouse was simply known as “Apple Mouse. No matter what you use, be careful or you can mare the plastic.

InApple was planning a business computer and arranged a visit with Xerox Parc research center to view some of their experimental technology.

Archived from the original on September 29, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You do this by following the curve of the wing as it moves into the graphite colored plastic. W1 W2 W3 T series bit: Views Read Edit View history.

The secret to removing it cleanly is to raise it out peo which probably takes more time than it’s worth. May Learn how and when to remove this template message.