We have heard that some people even vigorously exercise while carrying the Jukebox to no ill effect; however, since the unit contains an ordinary notebook hard drive, the notion of banging the device around while the drive is running gives us the willies. The only way to reset the unit was to remove a battery, which is a difficult feat in itself. Audio System Audio Formats. The Archos Jukebox never skipped other than what is caused by a bug in the firmware — see below. The SoundJam and iTunes plug-ins for the Nomad allow you to control the Nomad from the computer, which is easier and more powerful than running it from the built-in controls. There are occasional dropouts lasting about 1 second when playing through a collection of songs.

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If you’re among the admittedly select few mourning the passing of Apple’s little MP3 players, fear not: We then noticed a 60 Hz hum as we listened to music with the adapter aechos.

Batteries for my Archos Jukebox & Studio 10 & 20

The four corners of the metallic silver unit are heavily protected with dark juiebox, dense, shock absorbing foam padding.

When formatted with FAT32, Windows reported 5.

The batteries fit in rows on either side of the controls, the ends fitting under the padded plastic caps at the corners of the unit. By Archis Expo in January they had a working unit, named the Archos Jukeboxand in the months since then it has begun showing up in retail stores. Mobile by Lynn La Aug 29, The Archos Jukebox was one of Archos’ very first players.


Strangely, Archos does not expose a volume control. Run Time Up To.

Battery Life Details Usage Mode. The Nomad is based around a play queue. When set to 9V, we measure this power adapter’s DC output voltage at just under 9V.

Periodic deep discharges are necessary to maximize the life of NiCd batteries, otherwise NiCd’s will have less and less capacity. The later version came with 15 or 20gb sized hard drives.

We tried to contact Archos to iukebox the company a chance to either correct these problems or at least respond to what we have found.

Archos Jukebox 6000 – digital player Series

Prying the covers away from their catches requires a fair amount of force, and after just three swaps the slots for the pry-blade were chipped and scarred. The Archos Jukebox Archos Jukebox – digital player Series Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Radios and flashlights are other applications where the initially higher voltage of alkalines might be jukebbox. A quick trip to the Archos website showed that our player was up to date for this juiebox.

Speaking of MP3’s, that is the only format that the Jukebox currently supports. NiCd’s also contain a highly toxic heavy metal, Cadmium, and can be environmentally harmful unless disposed of properly recycled not discarded.

Of these, the Grado is best suited for portables and also sounded best with this unit. No audible amplifier hiss was evident even at high volumes, although quiet clicking could be heard between tracks. That’s fair since the Jukebox is an MP3 player after all. Share Facebook Twitter Reddit. Unfortunately, this hard disk approach also has some downsides. We noticed no problems when placing the arvhos in its carrier right side up.


The Archos Jukebox has been out for several months and early reviews were usually unfavorable due to many bugs in the first units. Archos boasts of a proprietary shock protection technology, but since the Jukebpx contains an ordinary laptop hard juekbox we strongly recommend that the player not be treated too roughly.

Nevertheless the included headphones are average compared with what you’ll find with other MP3 players. Audio System Audio Formats.

Archos 6 GB Jukebox Mp3 Player/hard Drive | eBay

Also featuring an audio player, an image viewer and video player, as well as the correct cables supplied 66000 from the box. It has also been reported using a compact flash to IDE adapter and compact flash card will allow the use of solid state storage, which has no moving parts and is less susceptible to damage from drops or sudden movements.

No problem If you’re among the admittedly select few archls the passing of Apple’s little MP3 players, fear not: The feature set is well rounded.