Because of these characteristics, NiMH performs better in conditions demanding lots of power such as with digital cameras where they can outlast alkalines by a factor of , even though alkalines can be rated over 2, mAh. HDTach reported an average transfer rate of 0. Overall the sound quality from the Jukebox is good and on par with some of the better MP3 portable audio devices we have listened to. As is typical for most headphones bundled with portable audio products, the ones included with the Jukebox are not very good. In this review we will examine this device in detail. The Archos’ Jukebox Studio succeeded the Jukebox , the main difference between the two models being the larger hard drive sizes offered.

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Removing the batteries involves prying outward with a screwdriver blade while trying to lift up on the cover. This fragility is the biggest problem with treating the Jukebox like a hard disk; I found this out the hard way when some of my playlist-building experiments corrupted the directory and forced archoz reformat.

Archos Jukebox series – Wikipedia

Here are the technical specifications taken directly form the Archos site: As you can see below, the Firewire drive was much faster, although the Jukebox performed well considering that it was saddled with the much slower USB interface. For example, the Nomad reads the song library when you turn it on and builds a song database with the ID3 tags for Artist, Album, and Genre, letting you search on 6000.

We 60000 this unit, but before plugging in the second unit we measured the voltage from its power supply and were distressed to see that it registered well over 14V.


MusicMatch Jukebox is an easy to use and powerful tool that most users will appreciate. When formatted with FAT32, Windows reported 5. Audio Output Product Type.

Archos Jukebox 6000

The two can be somewhat differentiated because earlier Recorder models came with the smaller hard drive capacities: The volume can be adjusted in 16 steps Although the Archos shipped with two sets of rechargeable batteries, these should be considered as user replaceable rather than user swappable. This is well beyond the player’s listed rating of eight hours. Battery Life Details Usage Mode.

These unbranded batteries appear to be high quality, high capacity 1. Model Archos Jukebox – digital player Despite these concerns, I prefer being able to treat the Archos as a normal hard disk to using the Nomad via MP3 player plug-ins. The player came in metallic silver and metallic blue, and was known for the large 0600 bumpers on its corners. By Macworld Expo in January they had a working unit, named the Archos Jukeboxand in the months since then it has begun showing up in retail stores.

The Archos does not, but the Archos starts up much faster than the Nomad. Another quirk of the Jukebox control system is that the On button turns on the unit, but does not turn it off despite the fact that there is no Off button.

Speaking of MP3’s, that is the only format that the Jukebox currently supports. The Atchos Jukebox gives a favorable first impression. For a USB drive, the Jukebox is very respectable delivering copy speeds close to the practical limit for the relative inefficient serial interface it uses the USB standard states that transfer rates can range up to 1. This is a very minor issue.


This would prohibit use of headphones not having a right-angled minijack. Our player had version 4.

Batteries for my Archos Jukebox & Studio 10 & 20

The Archos Jukebox was one of Archos’ very first players. Archos boasts of a proprietary shock protection technology, but since the Jukrbox contains an ordinary laptop hard drive we strongly recommend that the player not be treated too roughly.

You’ll want to get rid of them perhaps in favor of one of the headphones we list below in the Audio Quality section. This approach is quite flexible; it lets you set a list of songs to play, then plays them while you browse the library for others.

The Jukebox archoa admirably as a USB hard drive, with the added benefit of being highly portable and battery powered. While transfer rates are similar, Firewire, increasingly called “,” is a peer-to-peer standard that can potentially allow a a hard drive to be connected directly to a camera, digital video camera, satellite decoder or stereo.

Archos Jukebox series

One version for PC and Mac. The attractive Jukebox also ships with a blue padded belt carrier so that the device can be easily and safely taken on walks. The openness of the standard eventually led to Tomislav Uzelac’s creation of the first MP3 player in