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Share your thoughts with others. Its top cover is also detachable so it is easily used for pljs applications. Even variables of data can also be easily printed from the database itself.

Sample Printed barcode label sticker type: It requires an easy maintenance needing only 10 pieces of screws to disassemble the entire unit. Os-21tt Terminal – All. Any delivery fee are pay by Buyer.

Please select option below X. All payment of shipping from Buyer location to Seller location are pay by Buyer. You may also be interested in argox barcode printer.

Argox OSTT Barcode Label Printer

Since 22 Nov Goods sold are not exchangeable for cash. It is also created to be durable for longer use which makes this unit more valuable. Estimated arrival time depends on the following factors: Damaged during shipping cannot claim as warranty. Argox OSplus is widely used in different industries such as retail counters, food packaging, chemist laboratories, and wine shops.


Couriers can also be considered as one of the companies that take advantage of this easy to operate unit to let staffs produce labels in a timely manner to cope up with their hectic schedules of shipping different items to other locations. We give an access to everything buyer need at competitive prices.

This takes place the old version of printers because it is also a 2D barcode printer in Malaysia so you can start the printing labels without the need to do major changes on your ERP software systems.

It also comes with a standalone keyboard, a font card, sticker, Real Time Clock, and a cutter. IRS Point of Sales.

Using the innovative and advance TrueSpeed technology, Argox OSplus has a constant and fast speed of 3 inches per second. Point of Sales Sof.

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Argox OS plus Barcode Label Prin (end 1/6/ AM)

It also needs a minimum space to occupy your counter so it will be easier for you to move if the area has a limited space.

This labeling machine Malaysia is ideal for printing the labels with serial numbers which are usually used in most manufacturing and shipping companies.


Order pays on Friday, the seller will then process on the next working day which is Monday. Other companies also rely on the Argox OSplus when it comes to its performance. Only buyers who purchased the product may leave a review. The Argox OSplus conquers the convenience of having a perfect design, high-level performance, and affordable price so it is a smart choice for a business owner to have it on his company.

Warranty is provided by the manufacturer based on their company warranty seal or warranty card.

SATO Argox OS-214 Accessories

Garment exporters, pathological laboratories, and steel utensils are also the primary users of this unit. Its printer server can also be used along with wireless, Ethernet, and Bluetooth options. Warranty does not cover damage resulting from misused, accident, rough handling and other condition as stated by the manufacturer warranty.