My motherboard is K7S8X. Please update AMD’s Please follow below steps to meet your application Step1: My motherboard is P4S However there are some APs around my place; how do I change the channel of the software AP to avoid the interference? Referring to the picture, move to Power Management tag as 1. There are various possibilities that cause this issue, please refer to the following suggestions to check your system.

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Where can I get it?

Specifications – Asrock k7s8x r User Manual – Page 5 of 29 |

You can find the latest BIOS version on our asrcok Update the BIOS of your motherboard to the latest one. So the sound will get louder.

ASRock has its own design to omit the Intel specified 4-pin connector. Please follow below steps to update Nvidia IDE driver: Install ME driver v The latest SATA driver is available on our support web site https: Make sure the LAN driver was installed properly.

Asrock K7S8X V3.01 Motherboard socket A 462 AGP 5x PCI LAN USB Sound 3x DDR RAM

After the system works for a while, I realize that the sound of the CPU fan is getting louder. Adjusted by setting BIOS setup arock. What is the difference between them?


When I zoom-in in Google Earth, the picture will get abnormal display See the following picture. Key in “dh [Drv number]”, for example: Update the BIOS version. Right click “Networking Controller” and click “Properties”. Here are some suggestions: Please kindly double check the jumper setting of your HDD, and adjust the jumper setting to the correct position instead of the “Limit drive capacity” position. Please disable all bootable devices under BIOS, then save and leave.

Please check below table and update BIOS since or higher version. How can I improve the Wi-Fi performance of my M8 system? Referring to the picture, move to Power Management tag as asrrock. Please download a registry from the link as below, For Asia: After restart, press F11 and select Network as the boot device. Click “Setup” to go into “Wireless Network properties.

If you have trouble to make this floppy disk, you can follow the instructions below to solve the problem. Please load the BIOS default settings and then save the settings. Step UP 3D blu-ray 1. Install the driver of your display card.


Asrock K7S8X V Motherboard socket A AGP 5x PCI LAN USB Sound 3x DDR RAM

But the Realtek Audio Manager always recognized my headphone as 2CH speaker after I restarted the operating system picture2. Install the driver and reboot system. Yes, please update onboard VGA driver to Please right click on the Taskbar and choose the Task Manager. Please refer to the steps as below to solve the issue.

The cooling fan which comes with Prescott CPU see the following pictures is an automatically adjustable CPU cooling fan and the speed of the fan will be adjusted according to the environment temperature.