Tried to reflash through Active Sync, but the end Winda Seven blocks the installation because of non-compatibility. Tell me and help someone than they can. After the OS firmware it is necessary to do HardPeset!!! It seems the loader only looks at the first 5 USB ports and if you are plugged into anything higher it doesnt find it. Hard resets do not help.

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How to bypass the flasher is written in the FAQ. The truth of what exactly was the case and did not understand Actions were all the same, but suddenly after another attempt the process went by itself and even successfully finished.

The mainboard kept analyzing the Battery as too low and so everything flashing included was locked. See point 1, it may not have been activated by ActiveSync Well, the firmware through the memory card has not been canceled.

Asus Mypal A usb drivers for windows xp – ONLINE

I have a question. Tried to change the firmware, there were questions: Wanting to rain, do not forget that it is necessary to walk through the puddles. In the future, they will be processed by moderators. Can anyone please post an. Kind time of the day, dear docks.


With the img file, you can kill the device, the dump firmware nb0 file is safe, because it does not contain a bootloader! Hard resets do not help.

Mypal A | ASUS Global

I reloaded the firmware from Stephen, now they are with the necessary utilities. Follow the instructions on the screen Please note: He does not see me 2.

I have one in the img format, firmware downloading here-custom 6. Seska, These files are, for example, in packs, with official firmware, at least WM 6 rus. Prompt how to be? The firmware process will be displayed on the PDA screen and in the command line percentages will run. Light firmware is not official. In general, the firmware to this device is not strong and would not have dared to do so if there was no desperate situation.

Not fixed for me. Add topic to Favorites Enable Smilies signature. I was wondering if anyone could help me with this problem. Thank you for understanding and help.

Asus A696 USB Driver

When I connect my pda, windows does detect the connection and loads a usb device driver. About 2 minutes and it will reboot. The battery was also pulled out.


Hope this helps, good luck!

And my PDA acts like before. I am using a laptop with a docking station and 2 monitors so had numerous USB ports.

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Yesterday when I was looking for a material about the firmware somewhere, a similar Temka about the screen flashed, but yesterday it was still not relevant, but today I already remember and find where it could not I beg you not to kick much, but if possible, to link. If i unplug or reset the PDA i get an infinite number of lines like this: I worked a little, turned it off, after a while I turn it on and the device turns on as after the reset. Samsung Official Firmware Download free database.