The larger board size means that all necessary connections are nicely laid out and in well thought of locations. Once again, ASUS was armed with the same chipset as everyone else, but they were simply able to produce a better implementation than the competition. Therefore a standard heat sink and fan combo will be insufficient for overclocking. As we continue the comparison to the KT7-RAID, the heatsink on the VIA North Bridge isn’t actively cooled like that on the ABIT board, which is fine, since we saw no need for it, at the same time, there is no thermal compound placed between the North Bridge and the heatsink itself to aid in transferring heat. Another example of the ASUS standard would be their K7M, quite possibly the most highly anticipated motherboard for the Athlon processor.

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The inclusion of an AMR slot and onboard Audio features mean that this board is not only geared for the overclocking community, but also for OEM manufactures who like to use boards with many onboard features to keep the cost down. It has a vast array of special high-end features that complement the Socket A processor. I achieved similar 3Dmark scores as the test relies heavily on the graphics sub-system to perform well than it does on CPU speed.

The A7V is definitely the motherboard to get if you have an Unlocked Duron or Thunderbird Athlon processors as it will allow you to get maximum performance from your hardware.

The ability to overclock a chip this way is not documented in the Asus manual but is shown on the Asus website. A mod has been done where the voltage range has been shifted upwards to about 2. As the A7V is used in my day-to-day system, the stability is a very important factor to me. Asus has recognised the needs of the most extreme Overclockers by including drilled holes on the PCB where heavy duty cooling equipment can be physically bolted onto the board in safe locations.


Asus A7V-VE Quick Start Manual: External Connectors

Also on the board is support for up to 7 USB ports that is provided on a small hub that sits in a card bay. Another example of the ASUS standard would be their K7M, quite possibly the most highly anticipated motherboard for the Athlon processor.

Large Size might be a problem for smaller cases. This implies that the idea was a late one, and is further backed up by the fact that there are many revisions of this board, the original with Audio being without the necessary switches. As AMD slowly shift their processor packages from Slot A over to Socket A, a new crop of compatible motherboards have started to emerge.

Unfortunately this heat sink is not approved by AMD, as it has been know to crush the cores of several chips, as the core material is very fragile, thus resulting in an unusable chip. The latter is very rear, but the one with Multiplier Dip-Switches is the most interesting, as it allows limitless overclocking potential when used with a willing CPU.

Without an unlocked processor, only the FSB can be altered to gain extra speed. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

The most interesting feature on the A7V is its various dipswitches that control Multiplier adjustment and front side bus adjustment.

The asjs range on the A7V is between 1. On of the biggest advantage to extreme Overclockers is the presence of a riser board next to the positioning of the Socket A.

Review: ASUS A7V – Mainboard –

This way maximum system stability is achieved and a processor can be overclocked vd the same time. Being a Full ATX motherboard meant that there were many mounting points on the board, all of which seemed to be in the incorrect places for my full tower case. Memory bus operates at MHz or MHz. Log in Don’t have an account?


The stability it ev during benchmarking and still does. If you remember, the release of the K7M wasn’t as clean cut as most of ASUS’ earlier motherboard launches, simply because the company’s close ties to Intel made releasing an AMD based motherboard for use with the AMD Athlon far from the best way to maintain a healthy relationship with Intel.

Assu Asus was one of the first Socket A motherboards to be released, and appears to have many advantages over its rivals.

The connector, being positioned just along the edge of the first DIMM slot, doesn’t get in the way of much and it is a better location than we’ve seen others place it; however, ABIT’s “along the edge” positioning saus be even more desirable. Relitavley high price compared to other Socket A motherboards. We have yet to auss ASUS do something that didn’t have a very good reason behind it, so we’re going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that their engineers know what they’re doing.

The FSB can be increased in 1mhz increments in the — mhz range. After a bit of toying around with ways to lessen their involvement with the production of the K7M, ASUS eventually rose to the point where they came out and vf supported the motherboard.

It holds all of the necessary voltage regulating capacitors w7v create a stable voltage for the chip. I had read a lot of reviews before parting with my hard earned cash, and the seemed to offer the best overclocking potential. A little bit of case modding later resulted in correct placing of riser supports to mount the motherboard on.

Below is the Sandra Multimedia Benchmark Scores at mhz. ATX form factor x mm.