ASUS graphics cards are engineered in the pursuit of maximizing performance. An exclusive and award-winning cooling technology that puts industry-leading highly-conductive 10mm copper cooling pipes in direct contact with your Matrix card’s graphics-processing unit GPU , dissipating heat with extreme efficiency. This clever feature instantly defrosts your Matrix card’s memory during subzero overclocking to ensure sustained stability. The precursor to the modern DirectCU cooling solution featuring dual large fans for quiet, yet extreme cooling for higher overclocking overhead. Intel Core i7 4th Gen. All new Strix gaming series drives DirectCU technology further with its innovative 0dB-fan technology.

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You enjoy the smoothest gameplay today and far into the future. Intel Core i5 8th Gen. Each are carefully fine-tuned to deliver peak performance and utilizes the best engineering and innovation.

FX is designed to impress — adus from four different designs to match your personality and style. Good memory and processing speed.

ASUS Graphics Card 20th Anniversary

Choke concrete cores eliminate buzzing sound under full load while capacitors assure a 50,hour lifespan: This stringent certification process ensures ASUS Expedition RX graphics cards provide optimal fan performance, even under severe conditions. It’s loaded with essentials, including the latest connectivity plus intuitive ROG software optimization.


Intel Core i7 6th Gen. Up for sale is a GJY. So unleash Striker — and accelerate your game! One tap of the Clear VBIOS button restores your Matrix’s graphics card’s default frequencies and voltages, so you can be as experimental as you dare!

ASUS Graphics Cards

Its feature set is carefully selected to optimize component layout and trace pathways for maximum signal integrity. Its spectacular edge-to-edge 2. Intel Core i7 8th Gen. Exclusive CoolTech fan technology brings together a unique hybrid design and superb dust-proofing to maximize the airflow and prolong lifespan. Offers the ultimate in overvolting by directly connecting graphics cards to motherboards without soldering, enabling real-time VRAM, PLL voltage altering.


asu Enables users to choose one or both liquid and air cooling solutions to maximize overclocking overhead while retaining options for any usage scenario. Establishing Industry Standard The first image enhancement technology implemented on graphics cards.

Designed by overclockers ssus overclockers, your Matrix card’s liquid-nitrogen LN2 jumper switch unlocks restrictions on power target, voltage and overcurrent protection — so you can unleash maximum power from the GPU!

Every aspect of the ROG Maximus X Apex purposefully defies convention to break performance boundaries and set new standards.


It throbs to be unleashed. Storage Type see all. Graphics Processing Type see all. We will take between 1 to 2 weeks after receipt of the faulty unit to process your warranty claim.


This monitor features the latest technologies and design touches to make it a must-have weapon for all enthusiast players. More refinements More refinements This clever l200e instantly defrosts your Matrix card’s memory during subzero overclocking to ensure sustained stability.

Intel Core i5 6th Gen. You can overclock with confidence thanks to Safe Mode. You will then be responsible for sending the item back to us. Turbo Fan Turbo Fan.

ASUS L2000E series Notebook PC Drivers

Enabled users to overclock and compensate with additional cooling while monitoring fan speeds and temperatures in real time. Intel Core i7 4th Gen.

Not sure whether this can be fixed easily. L200e latest in a long line of industry innovations, the Turbo represents yet another pinnacle in the pursuit for the perfect graphics card. V Deluxe was also state of the art with the highest overclocking capability of the time, from MHz base to MHz overclock.