To start off, the touchpad is integrated smoothly into the covering before the keyboard. The standard 2 hour battery will not be enough though for those long days and lectures, especially when you have wireless access enabled. Ports With the Asus M5N you get a host of well placed ports that would satisfy the average user. The one glaring omission that might be expected for this type of laptop, ports-wise, is the S-Video Out port. The standard battery for the M5N is horrible in terms of longevity. I have been extremely pleased with it and thus far any issues that have popped up have only been minor annoyances that have been solved to my satisfaction. With its diminutive size and weight it is easy to carry it in a backpack with a few textbooks.

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For starters, you get the AC adapter connection, small and unobtrusively located on the rear of the laptops body, aesthetically located below the right LCD support.

It will not be enough even for the most conservative user. The Asus M5n on campus view larger image.

It is an extremely clean design with subtle hints of ingenuity packed in. The keyboard is also well designed, the keys are well placed and took me only a few minutes to get used to, they are also whisper quiet, though watch out for the spacebar. Batteries, standard towards the bottom, 9-cell at the top The asjs are nice and loud and are located unobtrusively near the underside of the laptop. Worthy of Mention The touchpad with its creative design is also highly configurable.


Right side view larger image.

There is a solution to this problem, there are numerous free programs which allow you to control fan speed and thus the sound it emits. It is small and light, and fits wonderfully into an assortment of backpacks, even with a protective sleeve surrounding it. Lastly the Kensington lock hole is located at the rear-right corner. However, the long term consequences of using this program on my laptop remain to be seen. The firewire port There are 3 USB 2.

Asus M5n Review (pics, specs)

The 2 card reader ports also come with plastic dummy cards to protect the interior of the ports. Though at their highest volumes the quality is severely degraded, and you get a feeling that you have wax in you ears….

Asus tries to rectify this problem by implementing its Power4 Gear technology into ,5000 M5N. Ports With the Asus M5N you get a host of well placed ports that would satisfy the average user.

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With this laptop you will want to buy some sort of protection to protect its glosssy covering. All of these features are included in a laptop weighing about 3 pounds very lightmeasuring Additional caveats include the issue of fan noise while using the laptop. However the AC adapter itself does have a problem of its own, with the extra prong for grounding, finding a suitable power outlet is a bit of a problem.

Essentially you control the processor speed with this technology. Located on the right side of the laptop is another selection of various useful ports, ideally saus for most users.


Headphone and mic asuw, and fan grill. With the provided Synaptics software, the touchpad can be programmed so that specific sections of the pad can be tapped to launch any program you like or you can choose from a host of other functions. With any of these profiles you still retain the ability to modify the laptops settings.

An additional step to be taken is to manually lower the processor speed via the power-saving or Power4 Gear button located on the top left of the keyboard. It is incredibly loud for a laptop this size and no matter where you sit you will get those obligatory half-turns from people in rows below you in a lecture hall. Wipes typically used for glasses is effective for this task.

Visit our network of sites: Opposite from it, located below the left LCD support, is the firewire port, the only one, but enough for notebooo PC user. It is light, relatively powerful and indispensable I carry it to school everyday.

The 9-cell optional battery is a god-send. Left side larger image. However the 9-cell, 6 hour battery would likely rectify this problem.