The fol- lowing defines the meaning of each multimedia control key on the Notebook PC. Camera Indicator The camera indicator shows when the built-in camera is in use. Colored Hot Keys cont When inserting a CD, it is important that the CD be pressed onto the center hub or else the optical drive tray will scratch the CD. France Restricted Wireless Frequency Bands This table is for general reference only and should not be used as a source of the American Wire Gauge standard as this table may not be current or complete. Removing an optical disc Eject the tray and gently pry the edge of the disc upwards at an angle to remove the disc from the hub.

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The selected item will change color. The Notebook PC comes with a replaceable hard disk drive. Got it, continue to print. Take note of the following precautions.


Removing An Optical Disc System Bios Settings The keyboard will be different for each territory. Internal Modem Compliancy Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer.

Asus Z37E Hardware Manual

Memory ram Memory RAM Additional memory will increase application performance by decreasing hard disk access. A device driver is still required for working with some application software.

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This Notebook PC has a single built-in memory card reader that can use many flash memory cards as shown in the example below.

Page 3 Table of Contents Cont. Knowing The Parts 2.

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Laser Safety Information The battery pack size will vary depending on model. Page 67 Glossary Cont.

Notebook Pc Information If necessary, you may adjust the brightness by using the hot keys. Read the later pages for detailed informa- tion on using your Notebook PC. Visit your retailer for options. Table of Contents Cont. Battery Lock – Spring The spring battery lock is used to keep the battery pack secured. Removing an optical disc Eject the tray and gently pry the edge of the disc upwards at an angle to remove the disc from the hub.


Page 54 Using the Notebook PC Table of Contents Table of Contents 1. Appendix Operating System and Software This Notebook PC may offer depending on territory its customers the choice of a pre-installed Micro- soft Windows operating system. Optical Drive Safety Information Listening To Audio Cd The following 2 examples produce the same results. Storage Devices Storage Devices Storage devices allow the Notebook PC to read or write documents, pictures, and other files to various data storage devices.