I followed the guide excellent writing, by the way but still no 3D. Eff thanks for getting me off the vesa driver To build DRM, run: I looked at your log, and I found a warning that I have not seen before: I wouldn’t want to test this since this disables one of Ubuntu’s security programs – sudo – and turns it into a supposedly less secure program – su. Radeon R5 Bristol Ridge.

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Thanks again, – Medix 8. Recovery mode also runs a root terminal runlevel 1 I believe before launching into runlevel 2.

Once you remove those commented out parts, you’ll find our configuration is almost exactly the same! But now I can with 3D accel.

Hey, I think your xorg.

About your not being radeonn to accomplish build-dependencies, I was able to on a system with just the included sources. The instructions below are no longer needed, and never were. I would appreciate if any of you can try that link.

Maybe I should just wait.

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Did you run this command? What do you do when you go into recovery mode exactly? It’s just a matter of making the crashes fewer to be able to live with ’em.


Up to date repos give a ati driver with the above patch applied 6. The reason is that Scorched3D from Dapper has some bugs that are fixed in the new one. I assume you know how to use the terminal! Your problem came up earlier in this thread, and was solved someway which is also mentioend.

Drivers that don’t support glcore will produce this error. However, in my syslog I have Dec 15 All Users – Dapper and Edgy Attention! I wouldn’t want to test this since this disables one of Ubuntu’s security programs – sudo – and turns it into a supposedly m6-c/pp secure program – su. Some Final Notes If you had the “buffer” error before in Part I, and had commented out the “Depth 24” lines in your xorg. Upgrade to Edgy, and just use default configuration – without 3D Upgrade to Edgy, and use 3D config – it might crash a lot!

Mobility Radeon Radoen Can mobiliity explain your problem and solution so I can stick this in the troubleshooting section at the bottom of the HOWTO?


ATI Mobility Radeon M6-P – Graphics and GPU Programming –

Radeon R5 Stoney Ridge. You won’t get any farther. Radeon R4 Stoney Ridge. Run the following commands to do so: Only test so far has been to run glxgears for an hour with no problems.

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Wow, I wish I got as much as fps on my card! Please continue to experiment.

Radeon R Lf [Radeon Mobility M9]”, would that work, its still a mobility, but different kobility My OS is feisty with all upgrades available to date. I am running in a dual monitor set-up using the mergedFB option of the Radeon driver.

GeForce Go GS. But after using radeon driver and fiddling with aiglx for a while, despite having to go back to 16 depth, the system is responding very slow. I realy had Issues with getting Beryl to run.