And I am seeing boot messages which suggest the machine is waiting for the UUID of a Swap file that is not yet mounted. After a while I acquired a fair body of knowledge and found myself being required to trouble shoot and build systems for friends and family. I looked over DMESG and saw some failures, stuff about how UDEV wasn’t supported by my kernel, so I did a ‘uname -r’ and realized that I was booting with a kernel I believe from , here is what the boot stanza looked like:. Its good to hear that the latest one is continuing the quality improvement. The time now is The question was more which distro should i use and after A LOT of testing different distros and having my own list of things that i want and need i finally narrowed it down to pardus and opensuse as the best implementations of KDE

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GeForce 4 Go. Seems Mandriva is a poor on my particular motherboards. Views Read View source View history. DRI module radeonn loaded” to no avail. Ubuntu is my favorite distro because I have no problems with installing restricted drivers and software, has most software available and it’s becoming recognized in world outside Linux almost everyone has heard about it.


The link doesn’t work.

Like the plain 6. Some good info here- http: That makes it impossible to have aero effects with this hardware. But now I should really do something more useful than replying to such comments. I edited the smb. I think it requires 1 GiB of memory to run well.

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Anyway, I decided to try and install it today in VirtualBox just to see how I feel about it now. Clean install xubuntu on secondary machine had no problems.

I have a system that I upgraded every 6 months from 5. But when I rebooted it had installed grub in the MBR despite my clearly choosing it to be installed on the root partition.

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I reinstalled, and everything works just fine. Just starting out and rareon a question? Slax is fairly robust for a live CD. I also realized that when I read in an article wherein Windows 7 got around 8 million beta testers who actually downloaded and used it for testing Windows 7. I accepted, and wound up with a message saying the software installed, but not all the requested plug -ins were installed.


ATI Mobility Radeon 9200

Having a problem logging in? Haven’t had time to upgrade to yet but so far I recommend it.

December 11th, 2. Compiling is another way you can do it.

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And boy was I positively surprised with Mandriva Driver for ATI Rage chipsets: I don’t trust reviews or peoples experiences because some people can’t be trusted when it comes to experiences with different distros.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I hope it might help for you and fellas trying to mkbility old card on Wins 7 too. Mobile Broadband will be improved by the inclusion of a database of ISPs, and support for the ModemManager interface will deliver cellular signal strength.

You write very well, Praxis.

This sort of thing may irritate experienced 20008 users, but for people on unfamiliar ground, this method of doing things will probably be greatly appreciated.