The card itself has a few virtues:. At the end of last year, ATI announced 5 new GPUs , three of which were supposed to be available within a week of the announcement, none of which actually were. Here’s the revised Radeon X lineup:. You will only be able to get these cards through ATI’s partners. About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile.

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Not a bad plan. The unit is just as quiet as the original, but the heatsink takes up much more space as it covers all 16 memory devices whereas the original heatsink f430 touch any of the memory devices. The card features 36 Pixel Shaders units. Today we will be talking about a product that feature wise is the same as last weeks tested Radeon x XT PE. Atl are two distinct differences though, firstly the most important factor, the price as the product today is no less than USD cheaper and targeted at a USD price.

R was unable to reach high clock speeds, having been designed to reduce the cost per GPU, creating a need for new top-of-the-line core. These new X models could give ATI the price-performance edge once again. The board layout and design hasn’t changed with the move to MB. Fast forward to the present day and pretty much everything is fine.


So if you ask me, I’d say but it’s just a guess that the R chip has been revised for better yields, and thus will lead to a higher better production rendering the previous R products obsolete, but let’s stick to facts. ATI Technologies products Video cards.

Keep reading to find out about the Radeon X XL’s killer combo of value and performance. This is where ATI’s strategy doesn’t seem to make much sense.

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ATI’s Radeon X800 XL 512MB – A toe in the 512MB pool

Of course, that GPU didn’t arrive on time either. That means you can clock the core faster, which was done quite insignificantly for this model but the increase rareon there.

The entire x series basically had a refresh making the fastest even faster and next to that they have been filling some gaps in the market.

On a more serio And that may not be the biggest news. Steam names the xxl games of With all that info in mind let’s have a look ATI’s new Radeon x XL, which will possibly be a very attractive purchase for most of you as it offers nice performance versus a nice price.

Radeon X Series – Wikipedia

Then ATI lowered the boom, unexpectedly slapping a lower price tag on this puppy right before its launch. The product is, of course, purely intended for the PCI-Express platform.


Pardon the hairs and stuff on the chip. The Radeon x XL is a new high-end product yet within that segment on the lower and thus more affordable region. Why not Rareon you ask, as there surely is a market for it.

ATI Radeon X800 XL AGP

What’s new then you are asking? Retrieved from ” https: The increased memory adds a significant premium to the price of the X XL. The 75 watts supplied by the PCI-E x16 slot should suffice. Pull x8000 the Radeon X XL’s single-slot cooler, and this is what you’ll find lurking beneath:.

I know mine can’t P4 2.

The Radeon X XL. Log in Don’t have an account?

UVD 7 [1] [d]. Graphics Previous page Next page. Radeon X Pro MB Review So today we’ll be looking at the rather lovely Radeon X Pro from this company, a review on Sl latest pipe mid-range product which obviously was based off the R silicon, and quite frankly is a very credible graphics card as you’ll learn in this article.