ATi themselves never built the non-pro cards, just some of the Pros. Is there a workaround? Schoko you are the man! Check it out at this new thread. The methods outlined below can cause severe system instability or artifacting on some ATI Radeon video adapters. I did it, and it worked fine. Hi, anyone tried the soft mod to turn de R into an r?

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For you guys that said it worked, was it just the software mod or the hard mod, too? Jun edited Jun I want to flash the Pro in System 1 to Atti. Apr 9, Posts: It is likely that new mods will be required for future driver versions from ATI if they decide to try and prevent the mod from working. I tried to configure advance system driver update and other advanced configurations, but the solution is more simple!

Ati Softmod | TechPowerUp Forums

Almost all of them could take the to speed levels, but most of them where getting checkerboard effects in certain situations. Feb 20, Posts: This has already been performed on the ahi in my System 2.


This one was run on: Log in or Sign up. Apr 28, Posts: The only problem is that x is no longer atj in the display settings.

You can find out what that is from the lines you edited earlier: I installed dseo 1. I use Wings 3D lots but I have not noticed any improved performance since it runs quite well anyway.

ATI: Soft Modding Your ATI Radeon 9500

Tue Jan 28, 5: Glad to hear it. Do you already have an account? No guarantee of success is implied. Hi I used the windows XP64 script from the advanced discussion board but i get a black screen after installing the drivers. For those of you wondering if this will work for the laptop cards, I spent a day trying to get the softmod to work on mine awhile back and was unsuccesful.

Here are the results: This softmod increases speed in professional 3d apps ssoftmod it allows the FireGL OpenGL driver to work on Radeon cards which are essentially the same hardware with different deviceID… and a much higher price tag.


Is there a workaround? You should now be back to the same position you were before you started this guide.

You run a chance of it with the mod. The reason some don’t work is because the pipelines are broken, and ATI made them into s for a reason.

ATI FireGL/FireProSoftmod – Discussion Thread for new members

It’s best to just revert back to the operation mode and overclock the card. It will should answer all your questions. If I have artifacts when using hacked drivers, will I also have them if I hardmod the card? Got my MB from newegg, the hack works great. I will choose the driver to install.

I’m very surprised it didn’t work. The methods outlined below can cause severe system instability or artifacting on some ATI Radeon video adapters.