With the main difference being PCIe vs. Duh – as if that’s not totally clear Log in Don’t have an account? I’m not much of a radio listener anyway. PCI, hopefully we won’t see any change in quality.

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Probably not, but it doesn’t hurt to have it. The remote is definitely more attractive than the Fusion remote, but the MyHD remote is still the smallest of the three. MPEG 2 video and audio encoding is integrated into the chip, taking the load off your system’s processor. Privacy policy and Theager of Use. Using this mode you will have low CPU usage and you can use deinterlace filter and ffdshow filter to improve image quality in this mode you don’t need MPEG2 decoders.

Advanced automatic channel scan engine.

The PowerColor card is obviously inferior to theatre other cards in a few ways. The software bundle of the PowerColor card is quite extensive.

HTPC – TV Tuner Reviews

Some people may like the feature, but we generally just leave HTPCs running and found it to be more annoying than anything. This is interesting since we would assume that making sure the Pro is running in a system with enough horsepower to keep up with it is the only way that ATI could afford to make a statement like this. TV-tuner cards have been with us for a while, but with the recent surge of digital video recording products and digital Television, they’ve taken a step back in terms of importance.


Computer power has been ahi in leaps and bounds though, so 505pro may well be time to revisit the whole ‘computer as media centre’ phenomenon and see what has been gained.

MSI Theatre Pro TV Tuner Review –

Theater PRO product is for the home PC user who craves a superior home theater experience on their computer. Video processing features, including a 3D comb filter.

Will you actually need most of that software? The remote is MCE compliant, though, so you can use it with either interface. It is a real nice program with a very good look and feel principle and strong in specially the channel scan and channel adjusting possibilities better than Vodio and Powercinema Herman V. Also it offers access to all recording settings for professional users: Like most mainstream TV-tuner chipsets, the Theatre Pro does not handle high-definition TV, nor can it decode or change channels on digital cable or satellite signals without additional components.

Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. You get a large selection of CyberLink products with the package, and while several are “Lite” versions, they’ll still suffice for most people: So often other companies are not as responsive.

In order to get 550pdo best results: Most people probably don’t go that extreme and good luck getting a clean signal if you tneater a coaxial input more than four waysbut it’s still something to consider. The other tuner we tested based on this chipset had extremely high system requirements, something that the MSI version does not share.


The 3D comb filter reduces artifacting and colour bleeding in the final image. This means that owners of HD TVs need not apply, and owners should be prepared to use their own remotes to change channels on digital or satellite boxes, as the tuner card cannot do this by itself. All have strengths and weaknesses. I’m not much of a radio listener anyway. One other thing which might be of interest- not only does your program work on a difficult tuner, but I am using it with the server operating system!!

My top three choices are: With most recent motherboards only including two or three PCI slots, you could put an HDTV tuner in one of those slots and place an analog tuner in an X1 slot.

The audio is digitized with the bit analog to digital converter before being sent for MPEG encoding. About Us Employment Privacy Policy. As you probably know, MSI makes a wide range of computer products, including many videocards powered by ATI chipsets, so making a TV-tuner based on the Theatre Pro chipset does not seem like much of a stretch for the company.