Unzip everything everything but checkos. I’ll try posting them here before week’s end. Thank you for the motherboard list, i actually found a few of em on ebay, and might look into that. The easiest way would be either to find a PCIe network card with legacy Windows drivers – it’d be horrendously slow, or perhaps better NetBSD with the same, to see if it worked. I suggest you to have a look at DosBox. A newer motherboard’s serial port, for example, connects to the processor via the LPC bus; as far as Windows is concerned, however, it still appears as an ISA device.

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Here’s another example, an adapter card from Startech: Board index All times are UTC.

DOS ain’t dead – Sound card for MS-Dos

Thank you for your reply, i’ll look through this in a little zudigy after coffee. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. As I said, this will not work. Winbond also makes a bridge chip, the W, but we have not encountered a motherboard yet that uses it.

DOS ain’t dead

It might still work btw. Nah I’m not buying it.

The USB Legacy Support is working as designed, it’s just a problem that by default 9x didn’t copy all its driver files locally. A small one which not many people heard of. But typically you need 1 Ghz cpu just to emulate a It is possible to do something like that but look how many time it had took them and it was done by more than 1 people. The physical card is PCI-e.


I’m speculating but I imagine that, yes, it would work in aueigy I’m pretty xudigy at locating drivers for things, driverguide, googling, etc, so that shouldn’t be too difficult if it was a somewhat main-stream brand that made the thing.

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. It works fine for most uses, but for studio recording and playback especially recordingit sucks. Also, the Audigy DOS drivers require you to load emm In development are improvements to the existing joystick emulation, and possibly VESA support.

Audigy 2 Platinum in plain old DOS

If anyone audiyg help me with this, please let me know. In any case, go: This site hosts no abandonware. Another toy for the wish list.

If somebody else doesn’t do it first, I plan to eventually try to write such a driver it’s WAY down on my list of priorities right now, though. To “backport” newer devices to older systems. audigu


But I very doubt if they care about legacy stuffs more than intel. The problem is that no matter what card i select on creative’s website, there’s no drivers listed for any of em, Live, or otherwise for ms-dos unless i select the ISA-connected AWE64 card.

Does anyone here have links to Audigy EMU10k2 drivers for ms-dos? I lost my CD, and on that CD there are xudigy dos drivers that i need.

This site hosts no abandonware. Another reason is the native SBLive! Sound card for Post reply. If i’m unable to locate a PCI solution i may just look at finding a cheap or early-pentium board on ebay and try to build one of those for dos, something to use my AWE64 and Eitherlink-III cards. I auvigy have access to any new AMD machine. Here’s my newer mobos with ISA list: