I could distinguish no difference in how the two inputs handled dynamics; both were excellent. Not so the ARC. But in my view, the Audio Research DAC8 offered enough additional realism to warrant the difference in price. The machine automatically recognizes the incoming sample rate to switch in the proper oscillator. Have we arrived at cloudless sunshine with this Minnesotan then?

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As always, in matters of amplification and transducers adequate playmates are required to fully mine the extra tariff of this machine and appreciate its justification. ARC claims it works with most music-player software, and it certainly did with foobar The USB path naturally offers user-selectable upsampling by way of after-market media players to experiment with sending the ARC deck higher sampling rates.

Audio Research DAC8 Upgrade

Against Cosmetics are functional rather than luxurious. Vade Forrester vadef soundstagenetwork. Well, both sounded well within the bounds of reality, so basically it will be a matter of matching the DAC to your system: The DAC8 sounded even more detailed, making it easier to tell when the chimes were struck, and to track the decay of each note as it vanished into silence.

Dynamic, forceful, immediate, and possessing remarkable resolution and transparency, the DAC8 is a sonic reseafch that is worthy of the finest music systems. The DAC8 has no user-adjustable digital filter; ARC picked the filter they thought sounded best and hardwired it into rdsearch circuit.


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I used Wireworld digital cables: Macrodynamically the DAC8 feels fundamentally fleet-footed. I fancied that the USB input may have sounded a smidgen cleaner and more open, but that was right at the threshold of perception.

To sound its best, it requires hours of break-in. In addition to new hardware, they must develop high-speed USB 2.

It delivers a sound with all the attack and drive the song deserves. Gentler directional transitions minimize jitter. The smaller choir behind the main group sounded more distant, audko with less harmonic detail, which made the voices less realistic.

Our drivers setup the USB interface to guarantee bandwidth, independent of active bulk transfers from the hard drive.

The casework fits in with the traditional Audio Research look, and is best aidio as workmanlike rather than luxurious. Previously, this group had sounded rather flat, as if the singers were arrayed in a single line across the front of the stage. The DAC8 will play all standard sampling frequencies: Plymouth, MN Phone: Latest The SoundStage!

6moons audio reviews: Audio Research Corporation DAC8

More air, extension, low-level detail. But in my view, the Audio Research DAC8 offered enough additional realism to warrant the difference audoi price.


Still, the DAC1 boasts an assortment of digital inputs: The DAC 8 works equally well through all. For experienced computer users, installing drivers is no big deal: This kind of presentation is less impressive on a short demonstration, but is essential to dad8 convincing sound. Lovan Classic II Review component retail: The past four decades have shown that Audio Research is capable of turning out fine products on a consistent basis.

We are pleased to introduce the new DAC8 digital to analog converter.

Not so the ARC. Great non-manufactured transparency to overtones which serves not merely the already mentioned bullet points but explains why this American excels at timbral nuances. I heard little difference between the two inputs; both the high- and low-frequency extensions were the same, as were instrumental harmonics.

Music lovers can use custom sample rate conversion algorithms or other file formats provided by third party suppliers such as Researcj Media Player, iTunes, J Rivers Media Center, Media Monkey, FooBar, and many others to optimize your music experience.