Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Correct me if I am wrong here. Under the General tab, run the wave profiiler to set up the Audiophile. Can you change the settings within the Audiophile control panel or all they all greyed out? Power on your Audiophile before turning on your system.

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Help setting up ASIO with Audiophile USB | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

Post 7 of Your system specs look zsio. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? If those options are greyed out, lower the Sample Depth to 16 bit and try again. To meet professional audio requirements, the audio class driver is optimized for low latency and low CPU load.

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Audiophile USB M-Audio

Optionally, a device can implement a feature unit to expose volume and mute asioo. Download and reinstall the driver. Monitor your input signal through a mixer.


Same problem on Audiophile PCI resolved: I do not own those drivers nor the device. In some seconds the demo-software is installed and the huge improvement in soundquality i.

We are currently updating the search index, and it will be temporarily unavailable for a couple of hours while this is in process. Can you change the settings within the Audiophile control panel or all they all greyed out? You have to account for every possible situation because there are always some people who’ll not do the obvious things. I need help setting that up with foobar.

The USB Audio 2. Post 8 of Post 9 of This signal should remind you to buy the activation-key for the full-version. If you’ve got everything right there it should work. Optionally, multiple applications can share a MIDI output port.

Thanks again for your effort Enoyin. I linked a turntable to rca m-audio inputs but it doesn’t work! This description is probably vague.

Once you get your soundcard working, you should have no trouble using Sonar. As a perfect solution for audio streaming via computers, AQVOX presents a powerful yet easy to install and easy to use driver software.


I am not sure that’s quite right.

M-Audio USB Audiophile & ASIO

Download the free trial version. Feb 9, at But yes, it is checked off. Here a Screenshot as example, sorry aaudiophile available in german: FIRST download the latest version from our homepage. Download the free trial version now. Sure a good hifi set and audiophile music-material is essential.

You didn’t tell me about your system so I am assuming you are using Windows XP, have a reasonably fast machine and you are using Sonar 3.