If the analog telephones work on a longer distance to the PBX, the connection is done via wall jacks connected to the analog screw clamp. Deactivate Wake-up Function A square displays a switch field. Query Or Transfer Not Possible Workstation Configuration Workstation Configuration Version 8. Dial number of the door ter- minal. Suppress telephone number presentation once.

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Configure connection without dialling baby call. Check the location setup entries in the dialog if they exist. Key Functions With Led Display Change Private Password The case may be only opened by authorized personnel 1 e Please pay attention to the fact that the plug must always be pulled out while opening the case. Page 64 Emergency Call Priority Function.

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Driver and Tools for Linux. Enter the internal telephone number configured for the answering machine under Own number.

Pbx Basic Configuration Click on Configuration, to modify the settings for the answering machine function. Windows will be started automatically to support you when you install the necessary driver. The location setup and connection settings may be modified if necessary in the register card Connection.


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For some ISDN telephones the connection to the volt mains for power supply is needed. Depending on the connection option of your PC, please observe the fol- lowing advises: Least Cost Routing Software Soft-lcr Suppress telephone number presentation once. Usb/dapi the module between the board rails slot A and press it to the mainboard until it clicks well into it s position Pic.

Box This manual and the software it describes are protected by auerswa,d. Switch Termination Resistors Switch Termination Resistors The termination resistors for the internal and external S ports are to be switched on or off with help auerswalr the DIL switch on the circuit board see Pic. Some of these functions may be available for an extra fee.

Near the installation location you are in need of an unobstructed volt mains plug with protective earthing for the power supply.

Auerswald COMfortel 2500 – system telephone black

These and other facts are described on page Page 2 Passing on or duplicating the contents of this manual or parts of it is only allowed with our express written permis- sion. These refer you to circumstances that were often disregarded aueerswald therefore led to misunderstandings and longer search for an error.


This manual sorts explanations according to certain question types. Table of Contents Follow Steps 1 through 8 to complete.

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Don’t have an account? Use Memory Aids Access to central telephone book entries in the telephone, max. Touching the voltage leading conductor tracks or the telephone connections may be danger 206 life.

A square displays a switch field. If the analog telephones work on a longer distance to the PBX, the connection is done via wall jacks connected to the analog screw clamp.

You can switch this function off, if unwanted. As some of the component parts are sensitive to electrostatic discharge, it is important to discharge yourself before touching the controller with your hands or with tools.

The programming authorization must be configured for the corresponding S 0 port. Connect The Telephones Enter Public Short-code Dial Numbers