It’s easy to get it working Right-Click and select “Update Driver Software” and then choose “Browse my computer for driver software”. Don’t fight Jungo, trick it. Jungo also can prepare the WHQL submission package for you. Open up the programmers.

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Go to “drivers” 4. The triangle will point you to PIN 1, and thereafter you can make out the orientation of all the other pins. If you’re hooking up the MKii to your breadboard, be kungo you have the cable’s pinouts correctly.

Right-Click and select “Update Driver Software” and then choose “Browse my computer for driver software”. This helped me to recover my arduino mega from forever upload loop that many people experience. I borowed avr isp mk2, followed your instructions, burned new bootloader and now it works.

You can either use one of the other, not both at the same time. It’s easy to get it working Open up the programmers. Test your hardware through a graphical user-mode application, without having to write a single line of code.

If your did like mine and went ahead automatically and installed the stinkin Jungo USB drivers anyway, then you’ll need to do the follow: Note this microprocessor runs at 10MHz not 8MHz as listed mkij the above fuse bit calculator.


After that, I’d suggest you jkngo out a simple sketch like the Blink LED in the examples folder and make sure it all works.

WinDriver – PCI/USB Device Driver Development Tool

I really hope this helps out other people and saves you all the headaches I had to go through to get this thing working. I really really hate to grave dig, but none of this worked for me Comprehensive documentation and help files. Go into your Device Manager and expand the tree under “Jungo”. Now since two pinholes line up with the ribbon stripe, look carefully for a triangle symbol.

Jungo also can prepare the WHQL submission package for you.

For the arduino the following changes are needed: Monitor kernel level activity throughout the driver jugno process. I swear at one point I was ready to hang the MKii on a post outside and put a bullet through it! NET code into your existing.

Read our customer success stories. Customers WinDriver avris thousands of customers worldwide that have used it to create numerous design wins. How to replace the Jungo USB drivers: Navigate to your Windows Directory 2.


How to configure the Atmel AVRISP MKii to work with Arduino IDE

WinDriver product line supports? No run-time fees or royalties. I know this is ancient thread, but i had to register just to thank you for this post. Windows Embedded Compact 4.

If you need to replace the Jungo driver and windows still won’t let you although you’ve uninstalled all of Atmel Studio like me. Shorten driver development cycle and time to market.

WinDriver products are accompanied with highly detailed technical references that are designed to avvrisp you in various stages of the development process. Read more mungo our Partners.

Hello all, since I’ve been helped by so many knowledgeable and generous people here, I wanted to give back a little on what I’ve learned.